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Use of Power Strips (RPT), Surge Devices (RTP+), and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with Lexmark Laser Printers and Multifunction Products

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Power surge; UPS devices; Power strips; Surge devices; Uninterruptible power supplies; Voltage stabilizer; Power regulating devices


Use of power-regulating devices

Lexmark does not recommend nor condone the use of power strips, surge protection devices, UPS devices, voltage stabilizers and/or power regulating devices of any kind for the following reasons:
Lexmark laser printers and multifunction products are designed for use connected directly to an electrical receptacle of a building’s installation wiring without the need of the products noted above. In addition, Lexmark products are internally protected from some voltage surges commonly experienced on power distribution networks.
Use of the above noted devices may cause functional issues, printer damage, or, if not appropriately rated, create a potential fire risk when used with laser printers. The printer warranty may not cover product performance issues or damages resulting from the use of these devices.
Lexmark products are designed for use at the following voltage ranges:

Nominal Voltage / Range Voltage / Range (Minimum / Maximum)
100V ac 90V – 106V ac
110V – 127V ac 99V – 135V ac
220V – 240V ac 198V – 254V ac

The Lexmark product warranty may not cover damages caused by power surges or operation of the printer outside of the voltage ranges indicated above.

If you are using one of the devices noted above and the printer is not functioning properly, you should turn the printer OFF and unplug the power cord from the in-line protection unit; then reconnect the power cord directly to a properly grounded electrical outlet operating within the voltage tolerances noted above. If the printer functions properly while connected directly to the wall receptacle, then discontinue the use of the in-line device with the printer. Should the Lexmark product still not work properly, please consult the operating manual for troubleshooting instructions or contact a Lexmark authorized service representative.

In reference to UPS devices, there are several matters of concern:

  • Most commonly available UPS devices do not have the peak current capability to support the inrush current typical of a laser printer.
  • Incorrect application of a power regulating device may result in unpredictable error messages displayed on the operator panel.
  • The output of most UPS devices may not allow for effective control of some switching elements critical to printer operations and, therefore, may generate a service condition.

If you still choose to use some type of external power conditioning device as noted above, Lexmark recommends that you install an appropriately rated device intended for the application. An appropriate device of choice is defined as one that is suitably rated for the printer’s power requirements and certified by UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories), another Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, or a recognized safety certification body in the country/region of use. The specifications for the printer and the power regulating device should be carefully reviewed prior to using such a device because not all device/printer combinations will function properly. The use of such devices is solely at your own's discretion, and is not covered under the Lexmark product warranty.



Important Safety Information:


  • Do not use this product with extension cords, multi-outlet power strips, multi-outlet extenders, or other types of surge or UPS devices. The power rating capacity of these types of accessories can be easily overloaded by a laser printer and may result in poor printer performance, property damage, or potential fire.
  • Connect the power cord directly to an appropriately rated and properly grounded electrical outlet that is near the product and easily accessible.
  • Use only the power cord provided with your product or the manufacturer’s authorized replacement.
  • Do not set up your product or make any electrical or cabling connections, such as the fax feature, power cord, or telephone, during a lightning storm.
  • Do not place your product near water or wet locations.
  • Refer service or repairs, other than those described in the user documentation, to an authorized service representative.
  • This product is designed, tested, and approved to meet strict global safety standards with the use of specific manufacturer’s components. The safety features of some parts may not always be obvious. The manufacturer is not responsible for the use of other replacement parts.



Additional assistance

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these, click here.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.

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