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What is the Default Password on the Printer or Print Server?

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Cannot access configuration settings; Screen asking for user name and password; Pop-up requesting user name and password; Cannot change IP parameters


What is the NIC password?; What is the ENA password? ; What is the INA password?; What is the adapter password?; What is the printer password?; What is the print server password?; What is the user name?; MarkNet N8000 family


NOTE:  The terms network adapter, print server, adapter, and network interface card (NIC) are often used interchangeably as they refer to the same functionality.  

Internal Network Adapters (INAs) and External Network Adapters (ENAs) provide security by allowing IT personnel or the network administrator to set a password on the adapter.  This password limits or prevents access to IP configuration settings. 

What You Will See If a Password Is Present

NOTE:  The default user name is MarkNet (capital M, capital N). The MarkNet N8000 Series adapters and T64X Series, C522n, C524n, C920n, X64xe and X84xe series All-In-Ones have eliminated the user name requirement. 

Default Password

There is no default password and no alternative password.  If you are prompted for a password, someone has gained entry to the embedded web applet and has either accidentally or deliberately set a password on the adapter.

Password Resolution

This requires a full reset of the network adapter and will result in the loss of all configuration and IP parameter settings.  For security reasons, reset procedures are not covered in this article or in the Knowledge Base system.  If you are unable to resolve the correct password, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.     


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