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Poor Fax Quality and Poor Fax Performance Issues

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Fax quality issue; Poor fax receive quality; Scan lines, Voids; Smudges; Distortion; Multi-page fax; Bleed through; Background; Artifacts; Dots, Fax speed; Shadow; Contrast issue; Darkness adjustment; Too light; Too dark; No grayscale; Send photo black; Faxed color image quality issue; Blurry text; Illegible text; Text imperfections; Unacceptable images



Fax resolution is is affected by two primary settings, the Content mode and the Resolution. These settings, and other settings mentioned below, also have a direct affect on performance.



Fax settings that impact on quality and speed

The default fax mode is text/standard.


Resolution Speed Quality
Standard or 150 dpi Fast Lowest Quality
Fine or 200 dpi    
Super fine or 300 dpi
Ultra Fine or 600 dpi Slow High


Content mode

 Content  Speed  Quality
 Text  Fast  Low
 Text/Photo  Moderate  Moderate
 Photograph  Slow  High
 Graphics*  Slow  High

* Certain MFP models only.


Max Speed (Send and Receive)

MFP Max Speed setting (Receive or Send) Performance
33600 Fastest fax transmission speed: a quality phone line and countermeasures such as error correction mode (ECM) are required to ensure consistent results.
14400 Recommended speed if communicating with a wide variety of old and new fax machines.
9600 A good test speed and the best balance between speed and consistency.
4800 Slow, but a good test speed.
2400 Slow, but a good test speed.



Other performance issues

 NOTE: These issues are listed in order of reported relevance. Always print a test page from the printer to rule out a condition on the printer.

You will find all of these setting under the MFP's FAX SEND and FAX RECEIVE SETTINGS.

Observation Suggestion Pertains to Send, Receive, or both send and receive.
Vertical voids or lines Click here for more information. Both
Artifacts appear from second side of duplex page when scanning a simplex (single-sided) page.
  • Reduce Darkness level
  • Change Content to Text.
  • Turn On Background Removal*.
Dots on the page
  • Clean flatbed and autodocument feeder (ADF) glass.
  • Change Content to Text (if page consists of text on the page).
  • Reduce Darkness level.
Image distortion or imperfections
  • Adjust Contrast setting.
  • Adjust Sharpness* setting.
  • Adjust Shadow detail level*.
Fax prints out on multiple pages.

Turn on Auto Reduction under Fax Receive Settings. 



* Not available on all MFP models.

IMPORTANT! If you are contacting the sender to notify them of any of the above mentioned observations, please suggest they contact or reference their manufacturer for the equivalent fax device setting adjustments. 

Click here for a web page screen shot.


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