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MVP Loses Configuration Changes After a Server Reboot

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Administrative settings lost after a server restart; User modifications are lost after a server reboot


MarkVision Professional (MVP) 11.0; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.2; Server or MVP service/daemon was restarted just after the modification was made; When you modify administrative settings or the user table, the modifications are queued in the memory to be written to the server configuration files. The delay in writing the changes is set by default to a minimum of 10 minutes but can be longer depending on the current load of the server.  If  the server is rebooted before the queued data are written to the files, the modifications are lost.


MVP is working as designed.
To prevent the loss of any modifications you have made, wait 20 to 25 minutes before restarting the server or the services/daemons.

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