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Does MVP 10.2 Support the Lexmark C920, W840 and T64x Printers?

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Does MVP 10.2 support the W840, C920 and T64x printers?; Is Lexmark going to develop plug-ins to support the W840, C920 and T64x printers in MVP 10.2?; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.2; The Lexmark W840, C920 and T64x printers are not natively supported by MVP version 10.2. Thus it will only be able to use them as standard SNMP objects like devices from other manufacturers.  Once the printer objects have been discovered, some MVP features will be available, including supply levels and printer status. However, Lexmark-specific features will not be available and only basic settings will be modifiable.


Use MVP version 11 (or higher) to obtain full support for these printer models.  No plug-ins will be released for MVP 10.2.
NOTE: The latest version of MarkVision Professional can be downloaded from the Lexmark website.

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