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How Does MVP Choose the Device String to Display?

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How does MVP choose the device string to display?; MarkVision Professional (MVP)


Once discovered, MVPs allow you to sort the devices in the folder list with different parameters:

  • Property Tag: This value (which can be set using MVP) is stored on the printer. If this setting is not defined on the printer, it can be specified locally on the server using the Device Name setting.

  • Model (Printer/Print Server): The printer model (for example, Lexmark C720) or print server (for example, MarkNet N2601e)

  • TCP/IP Address: The TCP/IP address of the device

  • TCP/IP Hostname: The TCP/IP of the device. This setting is not read directly from the device, but resolved using the DNS servers configured on the MVP server. If the DNS servers cannot resolve the host name, this value will remain blank.

  • Netware : Login Name: The login name used by the device to log into a configured Netware server.

  • IPX : Address: The IPX address of the adapter

  • Serial Number: The serial number of your device

  • AppleTalk Name: The name of the device used in the AppleTalk protocol

The devices will be displayed using the first available field from the top. For example, if you haven't set the Property Tag on the printer and the Device Name on the MVP server, MVP will search for the Model of the device and use this for the application display.

If you want to change the order of the values, do the following:

  1. Log into your MVP server using credentials that have the Administrative Settings privileges.

  2. Go to the MarkVision menu and select Administrative Settings...

  3. In the Rules used to name devices section, change the order of the values as needed.
    In the example below, the value used first will be the TCP/IP host name.
    If the host name can't be resolved, the TCP/IP address will be used.
    If IP is disabled, the printer/print server model will be used, and so on down.

 NOTE:  For more information on how to use the Property Tag value for customer naming conventions, click here.

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