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MVP: How to Use a Custom Naming Convention to Display Devices in the Folder List

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How to use a custom naming convention to display devices in the folder list; What is the difference between the Property Tag and the Device Name in MVP?; MarkVision Professional (MVP)


The default values used to display the devices in the folder list are Property Tag and (printer) Model. By default, the Property Tag and Device Name are not set on your printer or your MVP server.  Accordingly, the folder list will display only the printer and print server models, as shown below.

This does not allow easy identification of the physical devices.  If you want to use a custom naming convention to display the devices, you can set a custom value for your devices using two MVP functions. Do the following:

  1. First make sure that the rules used to display devices start with Property Tag, as in the example below. For information on how to change these settings, click here.
  2. Once this has been done, you will have to set either one of the following values for all your devices:
    Property Tag: This value is stored on the printer itself.
    The advantage of the Property Tag is that the value will be kept even if your MVP server is re-installed.
    The disadvantage is that the print server linked to the printer won't be displayed with this value, but will use the second rule instead.
    Name of Device: This settings works for both the print server AND the printer. As it is stored locally on the MVP server, you will have to reset the value for all devices if you have to re-install the server.
  3. Once you've choosen which value you want to set for each of your devices, do the following for each device:

    1. Select your device in the folder list.
    2. In the Settings menu, select Identification and then either the Name of Device or the Property Tag function.
    3. Set your value and click Apply. Your folder list will be updated according to your own naming convention. (In this example, the naming convention is LETSXXX - Model).

NOTE:  If both the Property Tag AND the Name of Device are set, the local value to the server (Name of Device) will be displayed.

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