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LDAP Search for MVP 10.2 Authentication is Limited to the Base Distinguished Name

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Error: "You have entered an invalid user ID or password OR Wrong LDAP Authentication parameters have been set. Contact MVP Administrator"; My password and ID are valid but I cannot connect to the MVP server.


MarkVision Professional 10.2; LDAP authentication; LDAP authentication of MVP is limited to the base distinguished name (DN); The LDAP search for the MVP authentication has been limited to the base distinguished name. If your LDAP uses a leveled structure, you will not be able to authenticate users that are in the sub-levels of the base distinguished name.


This is a design limitation of MarkVision Professional 10.2.  No fix is available for this version. 
To resolve this issue, download Markvision Professional 11.0 from our website.
NOTE: This limitation does not apply to a Kerberos (Active Directory) authentication.

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