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MarkVision Uses Plug-ins to Pick Up New Printer Support

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MarkVision cannot get information about the printer


MarkVision uses plug-ins to pick up new printer support; MarkVision Professional (MVP); MVP does not have native support for all printers, especially printers that were introduced after a particular version of MVP.


Lexmark now uses plug-ins to add support for printer models to MarkVision. These plug-ins add devices and/or functionality to the current version of MVP. 
To update your version of MarkVision in this way:

  1. Go to

  2. Locate the plug-in you need and download it.

  3. You will now have to install it on the computer that is running MVP server. To do this:

    1. Log into MVP with administrator privileges.

    2. Select MarkVision and Software Updates (Manage PLugins).

    3. Click Install New.

    4. Browse to and select the plug-in you downloaded in step 2 above.

    5. Click Install Plugin.

    6. Close your client.

    7. Stop and restart your MVP server.

Note: Plug-ins are developed for the purpose of adding support for new  printers to the latest  version of MVP.  If a printer is not supported by your version of MVP, you will have to upgrade to the latest version of MVP.

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