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What is Printer RIP?

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What is printer RIP?


RIP (raster image processor)
A raster image processor (RIP) is a hardware or combination hardware/software product that converts images described in the form of vector graphics statements into raster graphics images or bitmaps. For example, laser printers use RIPs to convert images that arrive in vector form (for example, text in a specified font) into rasterized and therefore printable form. RIPs are also used to enlarge images for printing. They use special algorithms (such as error diffusion and schochastic) to provide large blow-ups without loss of clarity. (NOTE: This information comes from
In a Lexmark context, a 900 RIP message means there is corrupted data being presented to the printer.  This will generally be due to:

  • A hardware issue with the printer. To check this:

    1. With the data cables detached, turn the printer off/on. 

    2. If there are any extra options installed (flash SIMM, extra memory, ImageQuick SIMM, etc.), take them out and repeat step 1.

    3. Print a settings page from the printer.  If this works, the printer is fine and you should investigate the points below. 

  • A hardware issue with your network (bad cables, hub, switch, router, etc.). To resolve this:

    • Try a different LAN drop, if possible.

  • Corrupted basecode software. To check this:

    • Investigate from the macro to the micro level (for example, a particular workstation, print driver, program, document). 

    • Try printing a different document to the printer in question.

NOTE:  If the RIP error message occurs intermittently, you should create an ERROR LOG before calling Technical Support.

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