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What are PaperPort 8 minimum system requirements?

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What are PaperPort 8 minimum system requirements?; PaperPort


Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements. To install and run PaperPort, your Windows-compatible PC must be equipped with:

  • An SVGA monitor with 256 colors (8-bit) or more, and 800x600 minimum pixel resolution

  • A CD-ROM drive for installation

  • An Intel (or compatible) Pentium™ or higher processor

  • Microsoft Windows 98se, 2000, ME, NT 4.0 SP6, or XP

  • A minimum of 32 MB RAM for Windows 98se, and ME (64 MB or higher is recommended)

  • A minimum of 64 MB RAM for Windows NT 4.0 SP6, 2000, and XP (128 MB or higher is recommended)

  • A hard disk with a minimum of 75 MB free space

  • A TWAIN or WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compatible scanner if you plan to scan documents, and/or a digital camera if you plan to acquire digital images.

Note: Use of the PaperPort printer driver requires either a parallel port or the ability to create a virtual parallel port.

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