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"Deleted User" appears in Lexmark Cloud Analytics Report

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09/20/21 Properties  


Issue Description:

In removing a user in the Lexmark Cloud's Account Management, that user will still show in the reports as a "Deleted User".



When an administrator removes a user in the Account Management, that user's activity is not deleted from analytics. This is desired behavior as the user did exist and could have generated print and scan activity. That activity still matters, even though the user has been deleted.

When a user is deleted, the user's name is overwritten with "Deleted User" and their e-mail address is erased. This user's historic activity will still be preserved, but all reports listing that user's activity will show "Deleted User" instead of the user's actual name.

NOTE: "Deleted User" is the user's new stored name, so it is not translated to any other language in any Analytics reports.


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