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Information Required to Escalate AirPrint Issues

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Escalation checklist; Needed info before escalating; Escal requirements;



Collect or capture all information below before opening an escalation item.

IMPORTANT! You should utilize all available technical support resources before electing to escalate issues.


Before you begin

  • Ensure that your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network before attempting to print. NOTE: Wi-Fi printers can take several minutes to join a Wi-Fi network after being turned on.
  • Verify that the iOS device and the app you are printing from are running the latest versions.
  • Verify that the AirPrint-enabled printer has the latest firmware version installed. NOTE: Click here to view steps on how to obtain the latest printer firmware.

Additional Notes

  • Certain printer features or functions may not be available when using AirPrint (e.g., selecting different paper trays, red-eye reduction, booklet printing, and so on).
  • AirPrint-enabled printers connected using Bluetooth or shared through a USB port of a Mac, PC, AirPort Base Station, or Time Capsule, are NOT supported.
  • Avoid connecting your printer to the USB port of Apple AirPort Base Stations or Time Capsules. Doing so can enable traditional AirPort printing from a Mac, but it will not enable AirPrint functions for iOS devices.
    NOTE: If you cannot use Wi-Fi networking to connect the AirPrint-capable printer, use an Ethernet connection from the AirPrint-capable printer to the Apple AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule.


Step 1: Gather mandatory information below for ALL escalations.

  • Customer Information
    • Account Name
    • Account Address
    • Customer Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
  • Lexmark Device Machine Type/Model

IMPORTANT! Please utilize this escalation template:


  • Problem frequency
  • Readily repeatable or random issue

[SETUP or ENVIRONMENT] to include:

  • Number of affected devices (include Lexmark and/or non-Lexmark printers)
  • New roll out or new installation



Step 2: Gather all requirements to escalate any AirPrint related issues.

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Requirement Relevance How to obtain

iOS and Application version used

Info is used for simulation and analysis.
Enduser provided
Logs from /var/log/cups Info is used for simulation and analysis.

1.  Open a web browser, and type localhost:631

2.   Go to Administration tab, select Edit Configuration file.

3.  Change LogLevel warn to LogLevel debug, and then click Save.

4.  Please print through:

  • AirPrint
  • Lexmark driver

Note: Attach the logs obtained from both cases.

Network Trace
Captures all the network traffic on the printer and provides detailed information for network analysis.

Click here for more information on how to perform a network trace.

Check the Print Queue Info is used for simulation and analysis.

Double-tap the Home button to show the recently used apps, and then tap the Print Center.

Note: The Print Center is only available while printing is in progress.

Menu Settings Page
This document contains all the printer settings and running firmware codes.

On the printer, press Menu > Reports > Menu Settings Page; or click here for more information.

Network Setup Page
It contains a summary of network related settings on the printer.
On the printer, press Menu > Reports > Network Setup Page.
Note: Gather the following for Print Quality issues ONLY.

Obtain a JOBFILE

This is used to verify whether Network Print also has the same issue.
Use Print to File to get a JOBFILE.

Print samples showing failure and correct print.

Info is used for simulation and analysis.
Enduser provided


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Additional information

If you have any questions or encounter problems when collecting the data required above, please contact your next level of support or Lexmark Technical Support for any additional suggestions.

Additional information may be requested by the support agent.


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