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Comprehensive Lexmark Print Management 'Premise-based' and LDD Print Release ReadMe (v2.3.12.0 and Below)

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LPM; PR; On-Premise; versions and below; based on LDD;



What is it?

Lexmark Print Management (LPM) incorporates two primary solutions: Print Release and Document Accounting. These software solutions, designed around a flexible server-based architecture, are easy to use and manage. Users simply send print jobs to a single print queue and jobs are released later through user authentication at any enabled device. User activity can be tracked and reported, so that both administrators and users can better understand the use of output assets.

Key Benefits of Print Release and Document Accounting include:

  • Print reduction: no more printing unneeded documents
  • Confidentiality: nothing prints until a user authenticates at a printer or MFP
  • Mobility: retrieve print at any enabled device
  • Activity: tracking/reporting report use by device, user, or group
  • Device: consolidation eliminate the need for personal printers to provide confidential print
  • Redundancy: simply walk to another device if one is busy



  1. Supported Printers

Click here to view the list of supported devices.

  1. Lexmark Print Management eSF Applications

eSF Apps


advancedprompt v4.7.1 Provides basic prompts to the user on the printer's op panel
badgeauth v1.22 Provides authentication via badge swipe for eTask2 devices
badgeauth2 v2.6 Provides authentication via badge swipe for eTask2+, eTask3, eTask4 devices
deviceusage v1.4.1 Provides usage data related to print, scan, copy, fax
keyboardreader v2.3.3 Driver for RFID card reader
omnikey5427ckdriver v1.0.5 Driver for omnikey card reader for eTask4 devices
omnikeydriver v2.4.4 Driver for omnikey card reader for eTask2, eTask2+, eTask3 devices

Recommended eSF application deployment order:

  1. Deviceusage
  2. Card reader drivers: keyboardreader, omnikey5427ckdriver, or omnikeydriver
  3. Advancedprompt
  4. Badgeauth

NOTE: The correct compatible eSF framework level and the recommended deployment order are installed by default with the Print Release solution. For deployment instructions, see the Deployment and Admin Guides.


Change History

    Version Fixes or Improvements (11/2013)
    • Addressed email watcher service startup failure
    • Added MFPAuth logging file to tomcat log directory
    • Various Badge and Temp Badge removal issues resolved
    • Removed MS Office Only option when converting mobile and email submissions
    • Added option to convert documents to PS
    • Added support for releasing jobs directly from the server when using Mobile App
    • Addressed an issue with printing email submissions from a shared drive
    • Updated the PrintRelease icon and made it consistent across all device types
    • Addressed quota discrepancy when releasing jobs from mobile
    • Addressed an issue with finding a PIN when releasing on a C736
    • Addressed an issue where a print job is stuck in the queue with a IndexOutOfBounds Exception on the server
    • Added indexing and foreign key definitions to MS SQL install script
    • Addressed an issue where RFIDeas failed to release when jobs were stored on a network drive
    • Addressed an issue where email submitted jobs would not release via the Print Release portal
    • Addressed an issue with PrintTrack failing at 25%
    • Added SSL settings for LDAP and mobile that were missing (8/2013)
    • Addressed upgrade issues with missing solution files
    • Addressed issue print releasing email body submissions with some email servers such as Exchange
    • Improved database upgrade and data migration duration
    • Added Microsoft Office document conversion for mobile and email submissions
    • Addressed Mobile Install issues causing a failure to properly uninstall or upgrade Lexmark Print Management
    • Addressed Print Release Portal Configuration LDAP over SSL option missing its selection choices
    • Addressed issue deploying custom images to an eSF application such as BadgeAuth during a Policy Update from the Lexmark Management Console
    • Addressed passwords seen in plain text on eSF application configuration such as BadgeAuth in the Lexmark Management Console
    • Addressed issue using RFIDeas print release when using a network share directory for print job storage
    • Addressed issue setting devices back in policy after the policy update of a solution including multiple eSF application deployments (7/2013)
    • Update the product name to be Lexmark Print Management
    • Added Print Nicknames tab in the Print Release Console; this can be used with email submissions
    • Addressed issue with special characters in passwords
    • Addressed issue with hitting Back on certain screens causing a Loading message in the Print Release Console
    • Added support for RFIDeas badge reader
    • Addressed issue with accumulating temp files (5/2013)
    • Added language support in LMC, Print Release Administrator portal, and installer 
      • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    • Added language support in Print Release eSF apps
      • User facing applications such as the eSF apps are translated in all the languages of the op panel
    • Translated publications are also available on for the Administrator and User's Guides
    • New mobile installer
      • Added mobile proxy install
      • Moved Email watcher install to the Print Release installer
      • Only supports OpenOffice and LibreOffice conversions
      • Made the OpenOffice component install part of the mobile install instead of a separate .solution
      • See the Mobile Guide for more information
    • Added deployment of eSF apps and UCF file via LMC
    • Added Lexmark Mobile Printing application support for iOS/Android
      • The mobile app is available for free download from iTunes and Google Play
    • Fixed: Custom reports have to be reloaded after and upgrade
    • Fixed issue with Badge Info not displaying correctly when extended badge info was selected 
    • Fixed issue with extended Badge Info configuration data not being saved correctly
    • Fixed possible "tisfile" not defined error in PrintDelete script; occurred in some instances when Alternate Method for Print File Operations was being used
    • Changed how the Print Status progress message (Printing X of Y jobs...) is updated; this fixes an issue where it was possible for large print jobs to cause a timeout condition. This could result in some jobs possibly not being printed; and when multiple application servers are in use, temporary files could be left behind and not deleted – which causes disk space issues
    • Replace invalid filename characters with an underscore ("_") in Scan To Network
    • When using PrintTrack, check the status of the print return an error so job stays in the queue if the status is Failed
    • Added PrintReleaseAll script to be used for 508 compliance
    • Do not show print status on non-touchscreen devices; it is not supported by the device
    • Fixed issue when quotas are enabled where copy jobs cancelled during the scan process would not track any of the job or charge the user's quota
    • Fixed issue when quotas are enabled where cancelled jobs that have the completed the scan process may not correctly credit the user's quota
    • Set the Timeout and Cancel script progress when any script ends via one of these methods; enable better debugging. Don't call EndPrompt if a Timeout occurs; this causes a second timeout error
    • Fixed issue with Scan to Network where when PDF was chosen as the format, the default image type would default to TIFF when scanning the next document
    • Set the Timeout and Cancel script progress when Print Release script ends via one of these methods; enable better debugging. Don't call EndPrompt if a Timeout occurs; this causes a second timeout error
    • Fixed error message being displayed twice when an error occurs during release of print jobs
    • Fixed error message displayed when amount of copies is greater the the Copy Center threshold
    • Updated Print Track script to match how Print Save handles counting PCL jobs
    • Job Separator pages are now tracked as printed jobs
    • Allow all jobs to print even if unable to track a print job
    • Update to Web Console to display the reason the "Install Print Release Solution v2.3.0" error message is displayed.
    •  Added support for the new 4.3 inch screen devices
    •  Fixed issue with Print Track script that caused an exception when used
    • Remove job names from Job Separator page.
    • Make sure progress status is being cleared from device.
    • Fixed issue with Function Access group support not being correctly enabled
    • Reverted to old page counting methods
    • Don't attempt to display status on release if no jobs to print; caused an error to be logged even though no error occurred.

    Not released.

    • The Print Release Web Console will now check the browser and display an error message if Microsoft Internet Explorer is not being used.
    • Fixed issue in Print Release Web Console with Function Access tab not being displayed
    • Fixed issue in Print Release Web Console where the Config Dialog would display an error about incomplete LDAP Settings but still save and close
    • Fixed issue in Print Release Web Console with Select All not working correctly on the Queue and RePrint tabs
    • Scan to Network will now keep the same scan settings as used before when scanning multiple documents.
    • Scan to Email now has a new setting that allows you to Return to the Email Screen after sending an email; this allows for quickly sending multiple documents to the same people (and using the same scan settings).
    • Updated to use new page counting program; increases accuracy and allows for detecting mono and color pages
    • Fixed issue with tracking ScanToFile (USB) jobs via Device Usage eSF app
    • Fixed issue with tracking Profile Name when not provided by Device Usage eSF app
    • Added multi-select support to Print Release Web Console Print Queue and RePrint Queue tabs
    • Added feedback during setting save in Print Release Web Console Configuration Dialog
    • Increased timeout for pcl5 page counting; fixed issue with saving error information if page counting program fails to complete
    • Added Job Separation Feature which will print a beginning / ending page for all selected print jobs
    • Added Print Status display on device when printing jobs; this also allows for displaying an error message if a print job fails for any reason.
    • Fixed error with Scan to Network if user chooses to scan another document with the same name; the timestamp was not being reset which caused an error when saving the second document
    • Added support for maximum email attachment size when email is being sent thru LDD
    • Fixed error in delete script which could cause reprint jobs being deleted sooner than expected
    • Added support for multiple LDAP groups in the Print Release Web Console
    • Added new Reprint Feature – a user can reprint a job that has been released; the amount of time will remain to be reprinted is configured in the solution settings. Only the last 50 jobs can be reprinted.
    • The mechanism for counting pages in PCL jobs now has a timeout; this fixes the issue where JobInformation.exe or PCL6Count.exe could become hung and consume 100% of the CPU.
    • The badge table will now include the IP address of the device used to register the badge
    • The badge table will now include the last IP address of the device and last timestamp the badge has been used
    • Added new Temporary Badge Feature – you can now specify a list of temporary badges in the web application. Every night a scheduled script will run to delete any of these temporary badges from the system thus causing any new use of the badge to result in the registration process being executed again.
    • Updated program used for counting pages in PCL print jobs to fix some possible hangs
    • Fixed issue with automatic delete to correctly delete jobs submitted via Mobile Print
    • Fixed issue with printing and deleting jobs submitted from Mobile Print via the Print Release Web Console
    • Fixed issue with Scan to Network scanning to TIFF when OCR enabled
    • Updated UNIX support to remove both a space and the @ instead of only one or the other
    • Fixed an issue with duplex detection with PostScript jobs
    • Fixed an issue with resolving the hostname of the device for each print job instead of just once for all print jobs; this could cause a noticeable delay between each print job being printed.
    • Added local setting to allow LDAP Search Base to be configured on a per-device group basis
    • Added OCR support to Scan to Network
    • Added Solution Setting to control creating directory for Scan to Network
    • Added ability to set ACL on directory that is created by Scan to Network
    • Fixed a French translation
    • Added support for print jobs for userids that contain an "@" – all characters after the "@" (including the "@") are removed if the support for UNIX/Novell option is enabled.
    • Solution setting to allow Device Usage eSF apps to track print release jobs statistics
    • Solution setting to allow Server Time to be used for Device Usage statistics instead of device time
    • Fixed bug with Fax Receive jobs throwing an error when tracked via Device Usage
    • Solution setting to enable alternate file method for saving/copying/deleting print jobs
    • Update to improve page counting for PCL5 print jobs
    • Update to improve page counting for PS jobs from Mac devices using latest Lexmark Drivers
    • Update to all file access routines to support DFS and other previously troublesome network shares
    • Update to web application to resolve issues with Quotas, Function Access, Print Track Devices, and Copy Center Locations tabs when using MS SQL Server
    • Update for HS Devices to make screen look better when using EC2 or later firmware
    • Update to fix printing issue when using MS Office version of Mobile Print that is integrated with Print Release
    • Fixed issue with destination always being tracked for fax and email when using Device Usage
    • Made duplex fix controllable via solution setting. This affects how page counts are done for PS and PCL XL jobs.
    • Fixed issue with assigning quota group when user belongs to multiple groups with one (but not all) groups having Total Quota set to "Unlimited"
    • Added quota assignment fixes to ResetUserGroup scheduled script
    • Fixed issue with assigning quota group when user belongs to multiple groups with
      Color Quota set to "Not Allowed"
    • Fixed issue with deleting print jobs when not tracking the device hostname
    • Added support for custom user authentication script
    • Fixed issue with Device Usage tracked jobs that did not include a correct date/time for job start/end
    • Fixed issue where upgrade of web application files did not work correctly in some cases
    • Changed default file to better reflect field trends
    • Allow PrintTrack to work without database update: (This mostly applies to customers using MS SQL.)
    • Tracking of device hostname is now configurable; useful in places where devices have static IP addresses and hostnames not used. Can speed up printing of jobs since no query for the hostname is made.
    • If you can send emails to others and you are sending to yourself by default, the email UI will now default to the cursor being on the second address line so you can immediately begin entering another address.

    Not officially released.

    • Updated Finnish translations
    • Added support for retrieving the custom attribute values from the device
    • Fixed a minor bug in DeviceUsageEsf.js related to internal print jobs not being tracked correctly
    • Changed method used to gather PCL5 job page counts
    • Changed EmailTrack so that the updatestats function works properly when e-mails are sent via server
    • Fixed issue where destinations were tracked for server e-mails when configuration was set to not track destinations
    • Update to tracking of print paper size, so a file "" can be used to map unknown paper sizes to the correct paper size
    • Update to French translations
    • Updated to include new French translations
    • Fixed issue of tracking email addresses that included a single quote in the address
    • Changed how network login is done for scan to network so that users don't need permission to log into LDD server
    • Added support to Scan To Network to include a subfolder off the home directory
    • Added support for Quick Print Release from CAC/PIV-enabled devices
    • Added support in Scan to Network to use a subfolder off the defined home directory
    • Added support in Scan to Network for overriding the global File Share in a Local Setting specified in the device group settings
    • Removed all encodeURIComponent calls in PrintJob  save/delete events for passwords as LDD 4.6 file component now encodes password: (Requires LDD 4.6 or better for this solution change to work properly.)
    • Fixed solution upgrade to perform any SQL Server updates last; this was causing an error when upgrading an existing solution file.
    • Fixed Scan To Network changes made in 2.2.9 when prompting user for their password
    • Added FullDataExport jasper report to solution; this report will replace the functionality offered in the exportCSV script.
    • Changed ScanToNetwork to use Windows API to fix issues with scanning to Microsoft DFS shares
    • Added Function Access support; this includes new web pages, as well
    • Fixed bug where emails were not being tracked unless email destinations were being tracked
    • Made change to how print jobs that are just being tracked are sent to the printer
    • Added Color Quota support to PrintTrack jobs
    • Changed how PrintTrack jobs ip address is determined so that when hostnames are used for the port name, the ip address is looked up and placed in the releaseip field
    • Added PrintTrack Devices tab to web application so print jobs just being tracked can have more complete stats
    • Added CopyCenter Locations tab to web application to complete integration of CopyCenter application with PrintRelease
    • Fixed bug with scheduled script that resets quotas
    • Added scheduled scripts that can reset all users' assigned AD group for Quotas and Function Access
    • The alternate badge login can now be configured to be Userid/Password or PIN
    • Add file to control the default scan options for scanning to network
    • When file format for Scan To Network is set to PDF or TIFF, the scan properties file will control whether to deskew those images on the server, prior to being saved.
    • Updates to allow Print Release screens to display correctly on X548, X95X, and C95X devices
    • When sending email thru LDD server, get the attachment name from the device; if not available, default to "scan".
    • Fixed problem with Print Selected printing jobs that had been initially selected but then unselected by the user prior to pressing Print the Print Selected button; this problem also happened with the Delete Selected Button. This affected all devices except keypad SFPs and eTask3 devices.
    • Allow email to be sent thru the MFP (default) or LDD; this is useful when you would need to configure each MFP as an SMTP relay – you can just configure the LDD Server(s) as the relay instead
    • The user's email address can now be retrieved in one of three ways: LDAP (default) lookup, database lookup, or sent by the device if using the BadgeAuth or PKIAuth eSF applications.
    • The Scan to Network destination can now also be looked up in a database using the user's id as the query key; this is useful when the home directory is configured via a login script instead of being stored as part of the user's AD profile.
    • Improved page counting implemented such that if the PJL ENTER LANGUAGE command is not in the print file we interrogate the job to determine if it is PS or PCL and try to count that way prior to defaulting to the values passed over by the driver.
    • A copy threshold is now available so that if a user enters more than the specified number of copies, we will now prompt them to confirm that many copies should be made.
    • Added support for Copy Center Threshold – if the number of output pages will exceed the specified value, the copy will be cancelled and the user directed to send the job to the Copy Center.
    • Fixed screen layout for delete confirmation on eTask3 devices to work with latest firmware
    • Included Web Application Updates when upgrading solution
    • Fixed error in badge prompt where the error message for a bad read was displayed incorrectly
    • Added support for tracking deleted from print release lite via the device usage eSF app
    • Fixed an issue with Mobile Print jobs sometimes not printing out correctly
    • Based on latest HS firmware, we can now display the color pinwheel next to color print jobs; requires use of P165 firmware or later.
    • Corrected issue where selected print jobs came back from custom VLML prompt in an apparent random order; now sorting the job list after the VLML prompt return so they print in the expected order. 
    • Corrected issue in Copy Track where users with unlimited color quotas could be prevented from making color copies with an error stating they had -1 copies remaining
    • Updated support for new devices based on latest firmware 
    • Added support for LDD 4.6 and X792, C792, X925, C925
    • Fixed issue with SFPs when quotas not enabled
    • No longer strip URLs from the job name; limit document names displayed on device to first 50 characters
    • Quotas are separated out into Total and Color values; this provides the ability to control how much color a user can print/copy; while still allowing for a separate total (or mono) quota.
    • When displaying the list of jobs to print, color print jobs are now identified with a color wheel.
    • When displaying the list of jobs to print, only the first 50 jobs are displayed; this prevents a problem when there are too many jobs and the device runs out of memory to display them. The user must print or delete the first 50 jobs before they can see the next 50.
    • The display on keypad only devices (SFPs/MFPs without eSF support) has been enhanced to allow for the Print All option and for the user to be able to delete jobs.
    • Scan to Network (no OCR) has been added; this allows for scanning an image to the user's home directory or to a shared network folder.
    • Userids included with jobs tracked by the Device Usage eSF app are now converted to lower case to make consistent with all job tracking.
    • Add deadlock protection to writing of STATS table
    • If an error occurs during release of print job, mark all unprinted jobs selected by user for printing as available so a user can still release them.
    • Don't encode the "#" symbol for passwords.
    • Add support for tracking ScanToEsf jobs for DeviceUsage
    • Fix bug with re-prompting for badge if a read error occurred
    • Make sure all single quotes are replaced with double quotes when writing stats to database.

    SPR Release; not available to general public.

    • Use the server hostname in the print save filename to make sure unique name when using multiple LDD systems.
    • Re-enabled use of pcl5count for PCL5 page counting; updated to new version provided by WW development. 
    • Fixed lookup of number of remaining pages when using group quotas
    • Use email address provided by MFP if available; otherwise, do LDAP lookup to get it.
    • If using PrintTrack and quotas, do not print job if it will put user over quota.
    • Fixed job ordering issue when jobs are submitted in rapid succession
    • If quotas are enabled but a specific user does not have a quota, do not use the held copy – this will allow for quicker copies.
    • If user has no quota or the copy was made on an eTask2 device that does not support held copy, still honor the return to copy screen setting.
    • If a badge read error occurs, re-display the badge auth prompt instead of making user exit and start over.
    • No longer use pcl5count.exe for counting PCL5 pages; use driver provided values only.
    • Fixed issue with GenerateCSV scheduled script not being able to write file to a UNC path
    • To lessen load on database, the percent complete is now only updated when an error occurs.
    • PrintTrack, Fax, and Email jobs are now appropriately marked as Failed if an error occurs.
    • Fix bug with pcl5count.exe (program used to count pages submitted by PCL driver) taking 100% of CPU
    • Enabled support for jobs submitted from UNIX/Novell
    • Increased maximum delete age from 72 hours (3 days) to 168 hours (7 days)
    • This updated CopyCancel support so that it will now also credit back to a user's quota any unprinted copies. Previously it only updated the stats for the job.
    • Fix bug with adding a user in a group to the user database when quotas are enabled
    • Fixed issue with UPD 1.6 reporting all jobs as color; the solution now interrogates the print job to determine if it is color or mono
    • Fixed issue with jobs released at SFP not being set to executing status; this could cause the Input File does not exist LMC log message if the user immediately tries to release more jobs
    • Fixed bug with Card Read Error being displayed for all badges when auth set to Badge with Database Lookup
    • Print Release files will now be stored using the userid and taskinfo id to make sure all files will get a unique filename
    • Fixed bug with Alternate Release causing a null exception
    • Fixed bug with registering a badge to LDAP (caused a GS_LDAP_FOLLOWREFERRALS not defined error in the log)
    • Fixed bug with userids that have a single quote (e.g. joe.o'user) causing the user's print jobs to not be able to be released
    • Fixed bug with Device Usage eSF script not tracking Fax Receive jobs
    • Display a card read error message if the badge id returned is an empty string
    • Use time from print spooler for the print job date; this keeps jobs in correct order in case of multiple Lexmark Application Servers.
    • No longer keep a copy of jobs for which our manual page counting failed; this will be re-added in the next release with a setting that will allow for it to be turned on or off.
    • Use a string prompt for prompting for PINs on eTask devices; this is needed so PINs that have leading zeros will work.
    • Fixed bug with custom attributes not being added to the tracked data
    • Better detection of PostScript duplex jobs

    Initial Release for use on LDD 4.5.


Limitations and compatibility of the release

  1. Does not support the print release appliance (ENA) for releasing jobs from non-eSF of 3rd party printers


  1. My e-Task not supported.


  1. Mobile conversion only using OpenOffice or LibreOffice – no MS Office conversion support.


  1. Diagrams/templates (SmartArt from Microsoft Office) may not print as expected when using LibreOffice or OpenOffice for document conversion.


  1. Quota count is calculated incorrectly when a N-up job is submitted with the Lexmark Universal PS driver 2.x.


  1. When quotas are enabled, the Device Usage eSF application MUST BE INSTALLED on all devices and configured to track Copy Cancel events. This is the only way to ensure proper credit and debit of user's quotas.


  1. When quotas are not being used and BadgeAuth is being used, it is recommended to use Device Usage eSF application to track Copy, Analog Fax, and Fax Server (if the user's email is not needed).


  1. An issue exists with the large number of solution settings in the print release and mobile solutions in the LMC -> Solutions tab -> select Print Release or Mobile Solution -> select Configuration task. The browser may display the following message after applying setting changes or switching between solution configurations in the LMC:

                   Adobe Flash Player – A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?

    The LMC usually does save your settings if you get this message after applying setting changes. It is best to abort the script – select Yes and then refresh your LMC web page to work around this issue.

    This issue can also occur when selecting the different eSF Configurations in a Device Group setup.


  1. If all of LDD or LPM (DB, LB, srv) is installed on one server that gets its IP address from DHCP – not static IP address (as recommended for LDD/LPM servers), there is an issue when rebooting the server. After the reboot, the Firebird database seems to start before the server gets an address and causes the LDD LMC and System to fail. Use one of the following methods to work around or fix the issue:

a.  Assign the server a static IP address in the DNS and fill in the static IP address in the server network properties.
b.  Fill in an open IP address in the server network properties. This is a temporary fix for a demo or test server when it is too much trouble getting a static IP address in the DNS.
c.  After the reboot, log in quickly, open Task Manager, click the Processes tab, select the initial fb_inet_server.exe Firebird process, and then End Process. This will end that initial process that starts before the server has an IP address.
d.  You were not quick enough with logging in and ending that initial process; stop the "Lexmark Solutions Application Server" (LSAS) service, stop the "Firebird Server DefaultInstance" (FB) service, and then start the FB and LSAS service.

NOTE: For further configuration instructions, please see the configuration guides provided with the application. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the guides. Click here to download.


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