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Error: " Printer off-line " or " Out of Paper "

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Error: " Printer off-line "; Error: " Out of Paper "


Microsoft Windows 95; Microsoft Windows 98; Execjet II/IIc 4076; The printer may not be able to establish bi-directional communication. These problems can also occur when the drvwppqt.vxd virtual device driver is loaded.; The driver detects tape devices connected to a parallel port. During the detection process, a string of text is sent through the parallel port to be interpreted by tape devices. Some printers interpret this string as printable text. The output may also be sent to the printer during modem or port detection as well.


Perform the following checks on the bi-directional communication:

  1. Temporarily unplug the power cord and then plug it back into the wall outlet. If necessary, turn the printer back on. The printer should make a resetting sound.
  2. Make sure that the print cartridge has been installed correctly and the cover snapped into place.
  3. Also make sure that the printer is directly connected to the USB port (or parallel port, where applicable) on the PC.
  4. An IEEE-1284 bi-directional parallel printer cable is required (not applicable for USB).
  5. If there is another peripheral device connected, remove it and connect the printer directly.
  6. If the problem persists, continue as instructed below.

To prevent the drvwppqt.vxd virtual device driver from being loaded:

Warning! Do not implement this solution if you have a tape backup device connected to a parallel (LPT) port on your computer.

  1. Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.
  2. In the Named box, type drvwppqt.vxd and then click Find Now.
  3. Rename all instances of the file by changing the file name extension from .vxd to .old. This will prevent the driver from being loaded.


This file is installed by Seagate (formerly Arcada) Backup software and is typically located in the C:\Windows\System\Iosubsys folder as well as the ArcadaSystem folder. This driver is also installed by Microsoft Windows 98 Backup. When you upgrade to Microsoft Windows 98, Backup is installed if you choose to install it using the Custom installation option, or if you had a previous version installed before initiating the upgrade.

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