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Scan to Network Utilizing an FTP Destination Folder Fails when Utilizing OCR

Document ID:SO7485

Usergroup :External
12/18/13 Properties  


What you will see 

 Scanning to...  With these settings...  Results in...
An FTP destination folder (path) with 20 pages or more...
  • Text
  • OCR
  • No file output to FTP server
  • White (blank screen) on the MFP appears on the screen for an undefined period of time.
  • Device eventually returns to the Home Screen.

 Pressing Email and other apps such as Forms and Favorites will produce a white screen also.


Suggested remedies

  • Increase the inactivity or data transfer timeout settings on the FTP server.
  • To minmize complexity, you can decrease the number of pages scanned or disable possible configuration settings that may negatively affect processing times on the MFP, such as:
    • Auto-rotate
    • Deskew
    • Line Removal
    • Despeckle

NOTE: Settings availability varies by MFP model and its equipped options.



Large scan-job conversions require higher CPU utilization and time. Hence, this can affect successful data transfer to time-controlled FTP connections and temporarily impact concurrent operations on the MFP.


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