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Jobs Will Not Print Regardless of Being Displayed on the MFP's Touch Screen with Pharos Blueprint

Document ID:SO7027
12/09/13 Properties  


What you will see

You badge-in or enter your authentication username and password credentials and can see the print jobs but you are unable to print them.  

Probable Explanation

Names resolution could be causing this issue. Blueprint needs to be able to resolve the MFP's hostname. This is true even if using the IP address in the Pharos URL in eDAS. 


What to try

First...  Then... Lastly...
Make sure the MFP is listed in/on the DNS Server...
  1. On a computer, open a Command prompt.
  2. Enter the following command: telnet Printer_IP_address 10000,  where <Printer_IP_address> is the MFP's IP address. 
  3. The prompt will be LXK.
  1. Enter lookup hostname-Blueprint-server.
  2. You should receive the FQDN and IP address.
  3. If not, the MFP is unknown by the DNS server, or the DNS server address is not properly set up under the MFP's TCP/IP configuration settings.


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