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Graphics Are Printed as Solid Black Boxes when Printing via Microsoft Office Applications and Postscript Driver

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Not printing correctly; Cannot print pictures; Not printing graphics; Black marks; Solid black box; Squares; Rectangles; UPD PS3; PostScript driver; MS Word 2010; Print quality issue;


What you will see

Solid black boxes are printed in place of graphics when printing documents from any Microsoft Office application (e.g., MS Word) and using Universal Print Driver (UPD) PostScript v3 (PS3).

Expected Output
Black Boxes Output
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The issue is observed on any MS Office application that can retain source formatting or data. This happens when an image is imported into a MS Office application "carrying" source data; e.g., copying and pasting an image from a website.

NOTE: Affects any printer models and/or brands which utilize the pscript dll plugin from Microsoft.


Recommended solution

Lexmark recommends users to utilize other possible drivers; e.g., UPD PCL or PCL XL.



If using an alternative driver is not preferred, please follow the following workaround:

Step Action
Copy the image from the original document.
Open MS Paint, and then paste the image.

Copy the image from MS Paint, and then paste if back to the original document.

Note: This procedure will remove any source formatting or data causing the issue.


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