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900.00 Firmware Error when Faxing on Lexmark X548, X792, X925, X950, X952, and X954 Printers

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Fax problem; 4014 ModemNotifyTask 0500-0000 lxkfax/pssd/custom/faxsys.c-890: modemdrvr.c 744: Time out in; WaitForMEACC: \ rc:128 meaccCount:60000; X548; X792; X925; X950; X952; X954



This firmware release is applicable ONLY to printers experiencing this error:

900.00 Firmware Error. 4014 ModemNotifyTask 0500-0000 lxkfax/pssd/custom/faxsys.c-890: modemdrvr.c 744: Time out in WaitForMEACC: rc:128 meaccCount:60000

To continue, power off, wait ten seconds, then power on.


IMPORTANT! This firmware was specifically created to address only the issues specified in this article. If your printer is not listed below and not experiencing the error stated above, DO NOT update the firmware. For more information, contact Lexmark Technical Support.


Affected Products

Printer Name Machine Type
Lexmark X548 7525-63x
Lexmark X792 7562-4xx
Lexmark X925 7541-03x

Lexmark X95x Series MFPs
X950, X952, and X954



Recommended Actions

Firmware Update Steps

Step 1: Check Device Firmware Level

Obtain the MFP's current device firmware level. You may use either Options 1 or 2 on ways to determine printer firmware code levels.

Option 1

Print the Menu Settings Page. Do this from the printer's operator panel:

 Step  Action
1 Press the Menu button on the Operator Panel.
2 Touch  next to Reports.
3 Print the Menu Settings Page.
Note: The printer should read ‘Printing Menu Settings Page’ and the menu settings page(s) should print out.
4 Check the code level under Device Information section on the menu settings pages.

Option 2

Access the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS). Before you begin, a functional network installation (wired or wireless not a local USB installation) is required for access to the web server of any Lexmark network printer.

 Step  Action
Determine the IP address of the print server within the printer/MFP.
2 Launch your preferred web browser application (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).
3 In the address field after the http://, enter the printer's IP address (e.g., or
4 Click on Reports.
5 To check for the code level, click on Device Information.


Step 2: Identify Fix Firmware for your MFP

Contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain the .P270, .P273, or .P283 software code.

 Model  Fix Firmware
X548 .P270 or greater
X792 .P283 or greater
X925 .P273 or greater
X95x .P283 or greater


Step 3: DLEs and Special Firmware

Certain functions or applications may require special firmware.

WARNING! Make this information known to the call center agent and do not attempt to update the MFP firmware if the format of firmware number differs greatly from what is seen in the table just viewed.

Any MFP with any one of these following downloadable language emulators (DLE) may require special firmware versions:

• Bar Code
• PrintCryption
• Forms
• Prescribe
• ImageQuick


Step 4: Need Help Updating Firmware?

After you have contacted Lexmark for this firmware, extract the .fls file to a known easy-to-find directory, and click here for an extensive list of the firmware update procedures.

NOTE: Follow any of the update procedures.

Recommendation: The printer's web page has an Update Firmware feature that is easy to use.



The modem fails to reset after a fax, which triggers the 900.00 error. The job queue will recover following a reset of the device; however, to prevent future crashes, please update your printer's firmware. 


Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer or near a computer in case a technician on the phone requests that you perform a task on either one these devices.


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