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Paper Exit Sensor Flag Modification when Installing the Finisher on the Lexmark C935 or X94x Series Color Laser Printers

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Finisher; Paper exit sensor; Jam; Duplex jam; 280 jam; 281.00 Paper Jam; 281.03 Paper Jam; 281.04 Paper Jam; 281.05 Paper Jam; 281.06 Paper Jam; Paper jam; Jams when the finisher is installed; All paper is going into the finisher; Printer error


Finisher Troubleshooting Document



If a finisher is installed on the Lexmark C935 or X94x, the Paper Exit Sensor Flag has to be modified (i.e., shortened). If it is not modified, it will cause all media to feed into the finisher. It will produce paper jams when you attempt to print in duplex mode, as well.

Required tools

  • A pair of pliers (or similar tool)

Exit Sensor Flag Modification

Step Action Image
 1 Check the paper weight bails. If they are present, remove them.
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 2 Locate the Exit Sensor Flag.
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Measure the Exit Sensor Flag.
Is the flag 20mm in length?

Yes: Continue to Step 4.
No: The flag is already modified; no further action should be required.

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 4 Using a pair of pliers (or similar tool), snap approximately 7mm of length off from the flag.
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 5 Measure the Exit Sensor Flag. It should now be approximately 13mm long.
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 6 The flag is now short enough to allow paper to exit properly when the finisher installed.
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