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Gray Boxes Appear when Attempting to Access 'Scan to PC' or 'Remote Operator Panel' Embedded Web Server Features

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11/13/12 Properties  


What you will see

When attempting to use certain Lexmark embedded Web server MFP functions, you observe gray boxes instead of the expected Java applet. 

Remote operator panel and Scan to PC* are two examples of features found on many Lexmark printers that rely on Java applets.

*Selecting Scan Profile creates temporary shortcut profiles to capture an image (.pdf, .jpeg, .tiff formats) at a user's PC or Macintosh.


Affected Products

  • All multifunction printers that rely on MSJVM (MS Java Virtual Machine) to perform certain printer or scan functions 
  • Windows running XP (Service Pack 1), or later, running Internet Explorer 6


Suggested Remedy

Install the FREE SUN-provided JAVA virtual machine. You can also update to a new Web Browser, which will often come with the Java plugin, or it can also be downloaded at no additional charge.

Some SUN Java Virtual Machine features: 

  • Used for consumers who use the MSJVM to run applets and applications
  • Used for developers who use the MSJVM with their applets and applications
  • Automatically runs applets inside Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Supports the Object tag



Lexmark has made the decision to discontinue support of MSJRE effective immediately for several reasons:

  • Operating systems later than Microsoft XP have not provided the MSJRE since 2003.
  • Lack of MS development for this Java version, and an inability to continue future signing of certificates; note that all existing cab-signing certificates that were generated up to the point of support end, have an expiration of June 25, 2013.
  • Microsoft ended distribution of MS Java VM in 2003, but in order to allot time for users to switch to SUN Java, they extended their overall certificate update and support until 2007.


Additional Information

Click here for additional information provided by Microsoft regarding this MS Java topic.


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