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Technical Service Bulletin – Recommended Firmware Update for MS, MX, CS, CX, M, XM, XC Series Printers (November 2013)

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Firmware update; WC EC3; EC3.1; Rip code; Base P328; 329; Engine code required; Low power improvements;


Available Firmware Code (November 2013)


  • When updating your printer’s firmware, use an available combo-firmware file that incorporates both Base code ( .P328 or later ) and the latest Engine code.

NOTE: Do not update firmware using base code-only ( .P328 or later ) packages to avoid potential errors or issues that may render the device inoperable. For example, 980.11 Service errors when the device enters sleep mode.


  • For *DLE-equipped devices, typically the Engine code is updated first, and then continue with updating the DLE's Base code.

    *Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE) card; e.g., IPDS, Prescribe, ImageQuick, PrintCryption, or FMBC.


Current Base/Engine Code Levels

Single Function



  • MS310, MS410, MS510, MS610, MS610de
  • M1145, M3150(de), M3150dn
  • MS710 
  • MS711 
  • MS810 
  • MS811
  • MS812 
  • MS810de 
  • MS812de
  • M5155, M5163, M5163dn, M5170
  • Lexmark CS310 (2-line)
  • Lexmark CS410 (2.4")
  • Lexmark CS510 (4.3")



.P329/.E412 .P329/.E509 .P329/.E306
  • MX310 

  • MX410
  • MX510
  • MX511
  • MX610
  • MX611
  • XM1145, XM3150
  • MX710 
  • MX711
  • MX810
  • MX811
  • MX812
  • XM5163, XM5170, XM7155(x), XM7163(x), XM7170(x) 
  • CX310 (.P328/.E305)
  • CX410
  • CX510dhe
  • XC2132


Prefixes,  i.e., MX611de Suffixes, i.e., MX611de

M – Mono

C – Color

X – Multifunction

S – Single Function

d – duplex

n – network

e – eTask interface (4", 7", 10")

E – Engine

Bold – BSD Models


Release Notes/Firmware

Single Function

Printer Model Release Notes
  • MS310
  • MS410
Click here
  • MS510
  • MS610
  • M3150dn
  • M1145
Click here
  • MS610de
  • M3150
Click here
  • MS710 
  • MS711 
  • MS810
  • MS811
  • MS812
  • M5155
  • M5163dn
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  • Lexmark MS810de, M5163
Click here
  • Lexmark MS812de, M5170
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  • Lexmark CS310
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  • Lexmark CS410
Click here
  • Lexmark CS510
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 Print Model  Release Notes
  • MX310dn
Click here
  • MX410, 510, MX510, MX511 and XM1145
Click here
  • MX610, MX611, XM3150
Click here
  • Lexmark MX710
  • Lexmark MX711
  • Lexmark MX810
  • Lexmark MX811
  • Lexmark MX812
  • XM5163, XM5170, XM7155, XM7163, XM7170
 Click here
  • CX310, 410, 510, CX2132
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