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Intermittent Print Spooler Crash or Print Jobs Stuck in the Print Queue

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11/06/13 Properties  


Print spool crash; .dll; Event 1001


What you will see

  • Intermittent or random print spooler crash or hang occurs and it requires a restart of the print spooler to recover printing functionality.
  • Print queue shows "Printing" with no response from the printer. 
  • Print queue shows "spooling printing deleting", and eventually a restart of print spooler or host PC is required to recover printing functionality.

 NOTE: "Sent to Printer" messages are normal and dependent upon the driver's language monitor. This message can appear for up to five minutes.


Products Affected  

  • Any supported Windows operating system
  • UPD 2.2 or greater (PCL, XL and PS)  

Recommended Action

The Lexmark product engineering (PE) team may have a driver solution for this set of observed symptoms. Contact Lexmark Technical Support for further diagnoses and evaluation by members of Lexmark's engineering team.

It is possible UPD v2.6.1, v2.7.1, or greater may be recommended for this particular issue.  If so, you will want to know that any applications dependent upon the language monitor (Lexmark Print Monitor Agent (LPMA)) will cease to function. One example of a LPMA- dependent appliacation is the Lexmark Status Messenger

When you contact Lexmark, you will need capture the following details about your printing environment:

  • Driver Type and version
  • Operating System(s)
  • Driver Setup (Point-and-Print, Direct IP, or Local port, port type)
  • Server and Client Information; for example: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 SP2 x64 with Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 clients
  • Menu Settings page
  • Event Log Information (System, Windows Activity, Event Logs)

Still Need Help?  

If you require additional assistance, please see Contact information on your printer's product page. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.

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