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Finisher Options Disappear from the Printer Driver's List of Currently Installed Options

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11/05/13 Properties  


Hole punch; Staple; Finisher options; Staple smart finisher; Offset stacker


What you will see

Finisher options will not be available when you check them and reapplying these settings reverts to a Not Installed state.


Suggested Actions

Escalate this issue with Lexmark Technical Support.


If an escalation is required, you will need to capture this information:

Requirement Relevance How to obtain
Application Information, such as, application's name, version, software developer & background info Application information can sometimes help in understanding the cause of the error.

Information regarding the software or application may be found by going to:

  • Help
  • About
  • File > Help
  • Windows > About; or,
  • Main Page itself (Splash Screen)
Driver Type and Version used Information is used for simulation and analysis.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Printers / Devices and Printers.

2.  Right-click the Printer Object being used, and then click Properties.

3.  Go to About Tab, and then take a screenshot.

Or, from the Printing Preferences > Help > About Tab and take a screenshot.

Driver Setup (Point-and-Print, Direct IP, or Local port, indicate what port type) Information is used for simulation and analysis. Enduser provided

Customer's printing environment:

  • Operating System involved
  • Server and Client Information (Complete with Name, Service Pack & System Type)

Example: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 SP2 x64 with Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 clients

Information is used for simulation and analysis.

1.  Click on Start > Run

2.  Type “msinfo32”, and then click OK.

3.  Click on File > Save .NFO

Only required if an individual print job is causing print spooler hang:

Print-to-File (.PRN File)

Information is used for simulation and analysis. Click here to view the steps.
Menu Settings page This document contains all the printer settings and running firmware code. Click here to view the methods used to obtain the printer Menu Settings pages.
Event Log Information (System, Windows Activity, Event Logs) Information is used for simulation and analysis.

Capturing and Save Windows Logs: 

  1. Open Event Viewer.
  2. Click here for more information on archiving Event logs.
Windows XP Information


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