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Cannot Print Image File with Landscape Orientation when Using USB Thumb Drive

Document ID:SO7471

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10/31/13 Properties  


Not able to print image files into landscape format; Image File not printed correctly; USB; Thumb drive; External; Removable drive; Universal serial bus; flash memory;



The printer is unable to perform landscape orientation when printing an image file (.tif, .gif, .jpeg, jpg, .png, etc.) from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Thumb Drive.



PDF File Options

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge



JPEG/PNG File Options

Image 1 Image 2
Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge




IMPORTANT! The behavior stated above is normal. This is functioning as designed. Image files do not have an option to change the orientation, unlike the PDF files wherein there is an option to change orientation.



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