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How to Install the Lexmark S Series and the Pro Series via Wi-Fi on Microsoft Windows

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup; Ethernet connection; Wi-Fi light out; Setting up replacement printer in network


Wi-Fi installation; Network installation



This article details the Wi-Fi installation of the Lexmark S305, 405, 505, 605 and Pro205, 705, 805 and 905 Series on the Windows operating system. 
NOTE: On the Pro705, Pro805, and Pro905, if an Ethernet cable is connected, it will disable the the Wi-Fi until defaults are reset or the Wi-Fi is set back.


Step Action
Illustration (Click on Image to view it.)
1 Insert the installation CD into the drive.
1a The driver can also be downloaded from the Lexmark Technical Support website using the Drivers & Downloads section. Save the file xxxx.exe (name depending on the operating system) to the desktop, and double click on it. Image
2 Welcome... will appear. Click Install.  
3 Select your included software will appear. Make your selection and click Continue. Image
4 Read the License Agreement, and click I Agree. Image


Check for updates? screen will appear. Choose Yes or No depending on your personal preference. If the PC is connected to the Internet, it is advisable to click Yes.  
Setting Up a New Printer? will appear. Select New Printer.
Note: If the printer has previously been configured on another machine, select Additional Computer "My printer is already set up. I am installing it on a new computer". Go to Step 7 below. 

Now perform the unpacking and printer preparation steps below, clicking Continue after each step is performed.

8 The Transferring software window will appear. Wait until all the necessary software is copied to the PC, until the bottom progress bar will reach to the end.   Image
Select connection type appears. Click Wireless connection.
The Match the Wi-Fi indicator window will appear. Select the corresponding one.

  • If the printer is installed for the first time, or not detecting the previously used Wi-Fi network, select the orange  icon.
  • If the printer was installed before, select the green  icon.
11 On the next screen the installation software verifies the location of the access point or router. It should be nearby and easily accessible. When it is confirmed, click Yes. Image
12 On the next screen, if the access point or router has the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option, select Yes. If it doesn't have it, select No. Image
13 On the next screen Add the printer to your wireless network, select Continue. Image
14 Connect the installation cable to continue the setup (it is supplied with the printer). When connected, click Continue. Image
15 The printer will start to search for wireless networks. Image
16 On the next screen, all the found wireless networks will be listed. Select the corresponding one (your own Wi-Fi network). After selection is done, click Continue. Image
17 If security is enabled on the Wi-Fi network, it will prompt for the Network key (passphrase). Enter it and then select Continue. Image


A Network Settings Summary will appear. Review the information, and if all is valid, click Continue. Image
 19 Now the printer will try to connect to the wireless network. Wait until the process is finished. It will print a Network Settings Page (Ethernet 802.11b/g/n) automatically when it has made a successful connection. Image
20 When finished, remove the Installation Cable. Image
21 If all went well, the Connection Successful screen will appear. Click Finish. Image
22 Print sample page will appear. Now it is possible to test print functionality. This step can be skipped. When ready, click Continue. Image
Product registration appears. Select whether or not to Register my product or to take part in the Lexmark Connect program. Click Continue.
24 When Thank you... appears, click Finish. Image
24a   If you want to check printer status, on the printed Network Settings Page you can find the printer IP address at the TCP/IP section in the Address line. Enter it into a web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer). Image 

Still Need Help?
If you require additional assistance, please see Contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task on this device.

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