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How to Use the Windows 8 Print Management Snap-In Tool

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This article briefly describes the Print Management snap-in tool. Its primary function is to manage multiple printers or print servers, but it can also serve as a quick-reference resource for pertinent driver information.  


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How to Access the Print Management Console 

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Windows 8 User Interface (UI) and Desktop session
  1. Click or tap the charm.
  2. Type printmanagement.msc

Windows 8 (Modern User Interface)

  1. Click on the Print Management tile. Note: This will only be visible if you have selected to Show Administrative Tools to use this method.  Settings > Tiles > Show Administrative Tools
  2. Simply, start typing the word printmanagement.msc, and then click on the application icon when it appears under Apps Results for 'print...' the result over to the left under Apps
  3. Right-click with the cursor at the bottom of the screen and select All apps , and then click or tap Print Management.

Desktop session 

  1. Click or tap the charm.
  2. Click or tap Control Panel.
  3. Click or tap Administrative tools.
  4. Click on the Print Management shortcut.

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View the Print Queue 


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1 Right-click on the printer-in-question, and then select Open Printer Queue from the list of drop-down menu options.
2 View Status and perform the necessary diagnostics.



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Other Information

 Other print driver and print queue information accessible or viewable:

  • Printer Name
  • Driver Name
  • Queue Status
  • Jobs in the Queue
  • Server Names
  • Driver Version
  • Driver Type (V3, V4* type drivers)

This information may assist in the diagnosis of print and print driver related issues.

* Version 4 drivers.


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