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How to Access the Print Queue from the Windows 8 Modern User Interface

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The following topics may be useful if you are trying to diagnose a possible problem with the Windows Print Spooler or the print queue.


Accessibility to the Print Queue (Modern UI)

Modern UI: Print Management 

If the customer happens to be displaying the Print Management tile via Settings > Tiles > Show Administrative Tools, then you can perform the following steps to view the print queue. Otherwise, see Desktop Recommendations below.


Step Action Click Blue-Bordered Illustrations to Enlarge
1 Click on the Print Management tile.
2 Right-click on the printer-in-question, and then select Open Printer Queue from the list of drop-down menu options.
3 View Status and perform the necessary actions to diagnose or resolve the possible problem setting(s) with the print queue.


Desktop recommendations

You will need to move quickly to your desktop if you intend to see the print queue's progress.


Method 1

Step Action Click Blue-Bordered Illustrations to Enlarge
1 After sending a print job, navigate back to the Start screen using the charms bar and the Start charm.

Desktop hotspot

Hover your cursor to the lower-left corner (perimeter) of the screen to display the desktop thumbnail, and then click or tap it. 


Start screen's "Desktop" tile

To move quickly to the desktop, drag and drop the Desktop tile so that it is positioned in the top-left corner.

Now, any time the Start screen displays, simply press Enter to go straight to the desktop.

Desktop hotspot in lower-left corner

Desktop tile upper-left of start tile menu




Once back in the desktop, navigate to your print queue using one of three different methods:

Locate the print queue icon in the notifications area (systray) and double-click it.
Right-click in the lower-left corner to display the Advanced User shortcuts, and then click Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Double-click on the printer in question. 
Bring up the Charms bar, click on Settings charm, and then click on Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Double-click on the printer in question.



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