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How to Remove a Paper Jam in the Fuser on the Lexmark C780, C782 or X782e Color Laser Printer

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201 paper jam; 202 paper jam; Fuser jam; Fuser removal; Paper jam in fuser area



201.xx and 202.xx paper jam messages indicate jams in the fuser area. This article provides instructions for removing paper jams of this type.  

WARNING! When first removed from the printer, the fuser unit may be hot.  Let the fuser cool before attempting any of these troubleshooting steps.



Fuser Jam Removal


Step Action Illustration
1 Power the printer off.  N/A

Open the upper right access door and the lower right access door.

 WARNING! The fuser assembly may be hot.  Let it cool before continuing.

3 Pull down the fuser latches, then slide them to the center to release the fuser.
4 Pull the fuser out and set it on a clean, flat surface.                        N/A
5 Unsnap the housing and put it aside.
6 Lift up the fuser roller cover, and remove the jam.
7 Close the fuser roller cover. N/A
8 Snap the housing back onto the fuser. N/A
9 Insert the fuser back into the printer. N/A
10 Slide the latches out and then pull up to refasten them. N/A
11 Close the  upper right access door and the lower right access door, and power the printer back on.
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Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for service you will need to know your printer model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating your printer's model type and serial numberclick here.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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