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No Fax Cover Page when Sending a PostScript Driver Fax from a 32-bit Application

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Cannot fax from driver; Document printed instead of faxed


What you will see

You notice that no cover page is being produced when attempting to send a PostScript driver-based fax. 


What is known 

  • Lexmark PostScript Printer Driver.
  • Send cover page is enabled.
  • "Always display fax settings prior to faxing" is enabled.
  • 32-bit applications running on 64-bit operating systems.
  • The intermediate Send Fax screen shows Include cover page with fax is selected.




  • Turn off or disable the Always display fax settings prior to faxing driver setting.
  • Obtain the 64-bit version of the application if it is viable.


Further explanation

In this situation, the operating system architecture is affecting the way 32-bit print data is processed.

Setting... (Always display fax settings prior to faxing) Then app/driver... And...

Forces the job in RAW mode.

(The process will run under memory space of syswow 64 process.)

Fails to print cover page.
OFF Generates job in EMF mode. Driver is run under 64-bit spooler process and cover page is printed as expected.

NOTE: This failure is not experienced with 64-bit apps installed on 64-bit operating systems.  


PostScript fax activation

 Driver Path: Properties (Printer Properties) > Install Options > Fax (Under "Currently Installed Options")

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Cover Page Activation

Driver Path: Printing Preferences > Other Options > Fax


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