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How to Use cURL Application to Transfer Destination Shortcuts or License Files with MFPs

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How to send ucf with adapter password



Due to newer MFP products having limited FTP support for UCF keys and licenses, cURL* may serve as an alternative method for importing these file types.

* cURL is a third-party solution that automates HTTP post traffic.         

If printer model is a (an)... And, sending a... Then...
 X46x, X64x, X65x, X73x, X74x, X85x, X86x, X78x, X79x, X86x, X925, X95x, MX, CX, XM, XC Series MFP list of shortcuts See shortcuts example
CS, or CX720, 725, 820, 825, 860 MFP license file See license file example

ALL other models (generations) 

.ucf file only

See other FTP or Web Browser methods.



Ideal uses

Fleet or device replacement situations that may require the transfer of an app license or list of shortcuts



What you will need  

  • The files that you are trying to import into the device.
  • The cURL application (.exe) from

NOTE: Lexmark does not directly support this application since cURL is not a Lexmark application. 



Importing shortcuts (Example without security)

Two steps:

  1. Export the shortcuts from the parent-device using this cURL command.

curl.exe http://IP_address/cgi-bin/exportfile/config/shortcuts/shortcuts.ucf >

  1. Import the shortcuts.ucf file into additional devices using this cURL command.

curl -F input_file=@shortcutsfilename.ucf http://IP_Address/cgi-bin/dynamic/printer/config/secure/import_destinations.html (all one line)

NOTE: IP_address and .ucf values are replaced by your device's TCP/IP addresses and your .ucf filename.

Commands in summary


curl.exe > shortcutsfilname.ucf


curl.exe -F input_file=@shortcutsfilename.ucf



Uploading a license file (Specific to identified models in top table) 

Two methods are provided for uploading licenses to http://<IP_address>/webservices/vcc/licenses. 

  1. Cmd prompt method:
  1. Download cURL.exe.
  2. Obtain the license (.lic) file.
  3. Copy the .lic file to the same directory as cURL.exe.
  4. Open cmd and navigate (cd, cd...) to the directory of the .exe and .lic files.
  5. Type the cURL command: curl --data-binary @"LES-SolnCompAgent-unlocked-LEX.lic" http://IP_address/webservices/vcc/licenses

NOTE: You may need to run cmd as administrator. IP_address and .lic values are replaced by your device's TCP/IP address and your license filename.


  1. Batch file method:
  1. Download Click here.
  2. Extract the .zip to a destination folder.
  3. Open the folder to see curl.exelicense file (.lic) and Upload Lic curl.bat files.
  4. Launch Upload Lic curl.bat and input the IP Address of the target device when prompted to do so, and then hit Enter. Wait for confirmation.

Modifying the batch file

Open the batch file and modify the .lic file required for further deployments.



Still need help? 

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