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How to Use cURL Application to Transfer Destination Shortcuts with MFPs

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Cannot ftp ucf file; Transpose; Transfer; Destinations; Profiles


How to send ucf with adapter password



New MFP and All-In-One (AIO) products have limited FTP support using network UCF keys. Use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) or cURL* as an alternative method for importing UCF keys.

* cURL is a third-party solution that automates HTTP post traffic.         

If printer model is a... Then...
 X46x, X64x, X65x, X73x, X74x, X85x, X86x, X78x, X79x, X86x, X925, X95x, MX, CX, XM, XC Series MFP's  See below example utilizing cURL.exe utility

ALL other models (generations) 

See other FTP or Web Browser methods.


Who's this article for?

Fleet or device replacement situations that require shortcuts to be transposed from one MFP to another MFP.  


What you will need


  • The shortcut file extracted from the device; i.e., http://IP_address/cgi-bin/exportfile/config/shortcuts/shortcuts.ucf
  • The cURL application from

NOTE: cURL is not a Lexmark application; hence, Lexmark does not directly support this application. 



cURL example (Without Security)

First, export the shortcuts from the parent-device using this cURL command.

curl.exe >

Then, use this cURL command to import the shortcuts.ucf file into additional devices:

curl -F input_file=@shortcutsfile.ucf http://IP_Address/cgi-bin/dynamic/printer/config/secure/import_destinations.html (all one line)

NOTE: and IP_Address values are replaced by actual TCP/IP addresses of your MFP devices.

Commands in summary


curl.exe > filname.ucf


curl.exe -F input_file=@filename.ucf



Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model/machine type and serial number.
Please call from near the printer and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.    


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