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Microsoft Excel Treats Multiple Worksheets as Individual Print Jobs

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What you will see

When printing multi-sheet workbooks in Microsoft Excel, you see:

  • Multiple print jobs visible in your print queue.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Macros may fail to print correctly because of multiple names for each of the output files.
  • Network printing in heavy-print traffic areas may result a non-sequential printing order of the output file.
  • Lexmark Print Release displays the print queue as multiple print jobs and when these jobs print, they do not print in the correct order.


Verification of problem

To confirm this problem, you can create a print file. Click here for information on how to create a print output file.

When printing...  You notice... As a result...
To file (.prn)...
  • Only certain sheets get printed to file...
  • You are have to enter multiple file names for the output file...
  • Remaining sheets that are not named get printed.
  • You have multiple output files that each contain part of the complete print job.


Things to try

  • Make sure that all of the worksheets have the same print quality settings. You can attempt to check each worksheet's Print quality setting via Page Setup to verify equivalent values.
  • If this does not work as expected, click here for additional suggestions provided by Microsoft.
  • Right-click on a sheet tab and choose "Select All Sheets*", and then after printing your workbook, right-click and select "Ungroup Sheets" to disable this behavior.

* This groups all sheets of the workbook and also works with the printer's printing preferences for all the sheets.



Different print quality settings per worksheet will cause the creation of separate print files because Microsoft Excel is forced to create a new print job for every change in print quality.

NOTE: This behavior was not experienced with older versions of Microsoft Excel.


Example Print Queue Illustrations

Windows Print Queue (Click Images to Enlarge)


Lexmark Print Release Queue
NOTE: This applies to users who utilize Lexmark's 'Print Release' software solution. 


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