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Installation Instructions For XPS Driver If Supplied on Driver Installation CD

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Pro 5000; Pro 5500; S315; 415; 515; Pro 715; 915; 4000; 5000; 5500 Inkjet Printers



 NOTE: This installation method is only viable for XPS drivers that may have been included with the your printer purchase.

What is XPS?

The XML Paper Specification (XPS) driver is an optional printer driver that is designed to make use of the advanced XPS color and graphics features that are only available for Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 operating systems.

Click here for more detailed information about XPS.  


How to obtain (Recommended)

The XPS drivers are installed upon detection of the printer; however, an updated driver may be available via Windows Update.

Click here for Microsoft information relating Windows Update:

  • Drivers and information
  • To have Windows automatically download recommended drivers and icons
  • To turn on and configure Windows Update
  • To install drivers and other optional updates from Windows Update
  • If Windows can't find a driver for your device
  • If Windows can’t find information about your device in Device Stage

 NOTE: This installation may supersede the installation of Lexmark-specific device drivers.


Other helpful links provide by Microsoft


Procedure: Installing an XPS Driver (Inkjet CD Installation Only) 


First, extract the XPS driver:

Step Action
1 Insert the installation software CD into the computer and click Cancel when the Setup Wizard appears.
2 Click on , then click on Computer.
3 Right-click on the CD or DVD drive icon, and then double-click on Drivers.
4 Double-click on the XPS folder, and then double-click on the setupxps file.
5 The XPS driver files are extracted and copied to the computer and any required Microsoft XPS files are launched.
6 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.


Next, install the XPS driver: The images in this example are from the Lexmark X7675.


Step Action Illustration (click on Image)
1 Click on , then click on Control Panel. ...
Under Hardware and Sound, click Printer, and then click Add a Printer.
In the Add Printer dialog, click Add a local printer.
From the Use an existing port drop-down menu, select USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB), and then click Next.
Click Have Disk. The Install From Disk dialog appears.
6 Click Browse and navigate to the XPS driver files on your computer as follows:
    1. Click on Computer, and then double-click on (C:).
    2. Double-click on the folder that contains the printer model number (e.g., LXK7600) and then double-click on Drivers.
    3. Double-click on the XPS folder, and then double-click on the XPS file. The Install From Disk dialog appears.
    4. Click OK.
Image  Image
7 Click Next on the Install the printer driver dialog. Image
8 Click Next on the Type a Printer Name dialog. Image
9 Click Finish to complete the installation. Image



Uninstall the XPS driver: The images shown in this example are from the Lexmark X7675. 


Step Action Illustration
(Click on Image)
1 Click on , then on Control Panel. ...
2 Under Hardware and Sound, click Printer, right-click on the printer icon (e.g., Lexmark 7600 Series XPS) and select Delete. ...
3 The following prompt appears: Are you sure you want to delete the printer...? Click Yes. Image
4 Right-click in the open area of the Printers and Faxes folder. From the menu that appears, select Server Properties and then click the Drivers tab to see the list of installed printer drivers. ...
5 Select the printer model concerned and click Remove. ...
6 Select the Remove driver and driver package option and click OK. This removes the driver from DriverStore*. Note: If you do not select this option, the driver could be reinstalled from DriverStore when you reconnect the USB cable. *The driver store is a trusted cache of inbox and third party drivers on the local hard disk. All drivers are installed from the driver store. Third party drivers are copied from media to the driver store. The driver and the files are called the 'driver package'. Image

NOTE: For more information on the XPS driver, see the XPS readme file on the installation software CD. The file is located with the setupxps batch file in the xps folder (<CD drive>:\Drivers\xps\readme).


Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please see Contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce call-back situations.



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