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Configuration and Help Topics for the Fax Forward Solution

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This document outlines the necessary steps for you to print and forward received faxes to a fax number, e-mail address, FTP site, or LDSS.


Forwarding a fax

Step Action


Type the printer IP address into the address field of your Web browser.

If you do not know the printer's IP address, you can:

  • View the IP address on the printer control panel in the TCP/IP section under the Networks/Ports menu.
  • Print a network setup page or the menu settings pages and locate the IP address in the TCP/IP section.




Click Settings > Fax Settings.




From the Fax Forwarding menu, select one of the following:

  • Print
  • Print and Forward
  • Forward




From the “Forward to” menu, select one of the following:

  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • FTP
  • LDSS
  • eSF




In the Forward to Shortcut field, enter the shortcut number where you want the fax forwarded.

Note: The shortcut number must be valid for the setting selected in the “Forward to” menu.




Click Submit.



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Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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