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MarkNet N7000 Series – What Comes Out of the Box?

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OOB; Found inside package; Extra black box; Additional device; Powered Ethernet hub; Marknet Print Server; ENA; External network adapter; Required for EMEA region; EU's power requirement; 2012 European Union;


What you will see

The MarkNet N7000 series devices are shipped with an extra black box when you open the package. Please see red circle in image below (click image to enlarge it).

IMPORTANT! The item encircled above is required for use in the EMEA region only.



The additional device is a powered ethernet hub that has been added to satisfy a 2012 European Union (EU) power requirement. This hub has a physical switch to completely shut off power, an item not available on MarkNet devices; i.e., physically turning the power off at this hub will also turn off the power of the MarkNet Print Server. This process is essential to comply with the EU’s power requirement.


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