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Firmware Release Notes History for the Lexmark C950 and X95x Series Printers and MFPs

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Firmware fixes; Firmware improvements; Functional enhancements;



This article contains previous firmware revisions and release notes information for the Lexmark C950 and X95x models.

IMPORTANT! A cumulative firmware update is available, click here to view the latest firmware release notes and download information



EC2.11 (March 2012)

EC2 (October 2011)

NOTE: All release notes should be evaluated to determine whether a firmware update is required.


Release Notes History

EC2.11 Release Notes (Mar '12)

Fixes common to both C950 and X95x:

  • Addressed security issues when using Email
  • Fixed greyed-out hole punch options when 'Copy From' is set to 'Auto Size' sense
  • Fixed staple and punch positions
  • Fixed IMAGEORIENTATION PJL issue when finisher attached


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EC2 Release Notes (Oct '11)

Combined C950 and X95x Series MFP Release Notes

What's New

  • Added support for SCM Microsystems SCL011 contactless desktop reader
  • Added support for SPNEGO support (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism)

Enhancements and Fixes

NOTE: The ones with the (**) symbol indicate enhancements and fixes for X95x.

Primary Field Concerns


Fax and Scan-related **

  • Fixed installation procedure
  • Cropping and alignment issue
  • Improved Scan to Network Premium **
  • Several performance improvements
  • PCL/PS emulation issues
    • Incorrect or garbage print
    • PS performance issue
  • UCF Settings corruption
  • MS Sharepoint compatibility
  • MPS reporting issue
  • Fax corruption issue **
  • Copy duplex setting issue **
  • Solution Software overriding standard functions **
  • Fix: Fax indicator light status
  • Fix: Fax settings reporting
  • Fix: JBIG decompression issue
  • Fix: Issue in Host Send
  • Improved De-Skew function

Service Errors


Solutions (Embedded Solutions Framework)

  •  900.00 errors related to the following functions:
  • PKCS11 (Public Key Cryptography Standards #11)
  • Job Accounting log
  • Random 900 errors
  • Scanner **
  • PCL/PS Incorrect media selection
  • 900.31
  • 900.30 (C950)
  • 900.40
  • 900.43
  • 900.57
  • 900.58 **
  • 900.68 **
  • 900.80 **
  • 976
  • 39 Complex Page Errors **
  • Address issue with audio
  • Fix: Issue with VLML
  • Fix: Numerous security issues ( PINs, expired user sessions, delete auth modules correctly)
  • Updated Eco-Setting Application for Single Function Printers (C950)
  • Improved CAC support
  • Improved User Interface (Control Panel) workflow settings
  • Solutions Function Access Controls (FACs) for workflows now appear in EWS
  • Improved user interface button labels **

Security and User Interface


Managed Print Service (MPS) and Network

  • Fix: Memory leak issue
  • Fix: PKCS11 (Public Key Cryptography Standards #11)
  • Log hostname / ip address for all processes
  • Upgrade openSSL
  • Now Use SHA-256
  • Fix: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Fix: Numerous security configuration issues
  • Fix: Translation issues
  • Fix: Blank Screen Issue (C950 only)
  • Fix: Button behavior in several workflows **
  • Fix: Numerous issues with TIPS **


  • Fix: Issue withy Job Accounting and Quota App
  • Improved MPS SNMP data reporting **
  • Improved Bonjour support
  • Fix: Numerous issues that cause printer hangs
  • Updated Embedded Web Server (EWS) images
  • Expanded and Improved information returned via Web Services
  • Added port 456 for SMTP support

Printer PDL Emulations and Other Miscellaneous


  • Fix: Numerous undefined error conditions
  • FIx: PDF printing issues via USB drive
  • Fix: XPS printing issues via USB drive
  • Fix: Print Permissions


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