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Fax Forward eSF Does Not Forward TIFF Files to Network Share

Document ID:FA967
07/24/13 Properties  


Cannot forward TIFF; Fax forward format supported on MFPs; eSF fax forward feature file format;



The Fax Forward eSF does NOT forward Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) faxes to the network share. As a result, the succeeding/incoming faxes fail because of the current fax job that is stuck in the queue.

NOTE: Any other file format (e.g., PDF, JPEG, etc.) works fine and the faxes are forwarded to the network share.


Functioning as designed

By design, the Fax Forward eSF requires a hard drive in order to forward to TIFF. Without a hard drive, you have to use any other format other than TIFF.


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