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How to Install Lexmark Printer Drivers on an IBM AIX Server

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IBM AIX Server; AIX 5.2; AIX 5.3;



This article details the steps in installing the Lexmark printer driver on your IBM AIX Server operating system.

NOTE: See the Linux and Unix Printer Compatibility Chart page to determine your printer's operating system compatibility.



Follow the steps below:

Step Action

Download MVPrint package from Lexmark website.

Note: Click here to view the steps on how to download the latest driver.


Extract the MVPrint package using gunzip; i.e., gunzip <MVPRINT_PACKAGE>

E.g., gunzip drivers-aix.pkg.gz

Note: Remember the directory path where the package is saved.


Launch your Systems Management Interface Tool (smit) and do the following:

a. From the System Management window, select Software Installation and Maintenance.

b. Select Install and Update Software.

c. Select Install Software.

d. From the Install Software window, do the following:

  • Type the complete directory path where your MVPrint package is located.

e.g., /tmp/msih/drivers-aix.pkg

  • On the SOFTWARE to install Entry Fields, hit F4 from the keyboard in order to display the available MVPrint Packages.

  • From the SOFTWARE to install window, select the MVPrint package you want to install and hit F7 from the keyboard.

  • On the PREVIEW only? (Install operation will NOT occur), choose “no”.

e. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to proceed with the installation.


After a successful installation of the MVPrint, verify if the MVPrint was completely installed by going back to System Management window and do the following:

a. Select Print Spooling.

b. Select AIX Print Spooling.

c. Select Add a Print Queue.

d. Verify whether MarkNetXL and MarkNetXLe are present.

Note: If present, this means that the MVPrint was successfully installed. MarkNetXL and MarkNetXLe are the Lexmark's MVPrint.


Previous 'LexPrint' Procedure

NOTE: This method is no longer supported with current generation products, and/or latest versions of AIX. Lexmark International has withdrawn the LexPrint Photo Print App from the market last December 31, 2012. Click here for more details.

Step Action
Before starting the installation, please read this article.
Make sure you have enough disk space in /opt to install Lexmark Print Drivers. If you need more space, refer to  this article.

Download the Lexmark Print Drivers package, print-drivers-aix5-sysv.pkg.Z, from our Lexmark website.

Note: The name of the driver package may be slightly different in your country or region.


Save the downloaded package in the /tmp directory and uncompress the package file as follows:

# uncompress /tmp/print-drivers-aix5-sysv.pkg.Z


Type the following on the command line, and then press Enter:

# smit install_latest


When prompted to type the input device directory for software, type the following:



Select the packages you want to install. All packages are installed by default.

  • On the Software to install option, select List.
  • Select the packages you want to install.
  • Select OK.
Specify any other install options, such as COMMIT.
Select OK to begin installing the Lexmark Print Drivers. You will receive a message when the installation is complete.

Run the following setup script to complete the installation:

# /usr/lpp/lexprint/setup.lexprint

This file creates the required symbolic links and prompts you for information that has to be provided after the installation.


Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.



Audience: 'Lexmark Internal' only

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions

a. Supported Data Streams provided by Lexmark for IBM AIX:

•  PostScript (PS)
•  Printer Command Language (PCL)
•  Image-Quick (IQ)

b. If a PDF file is printed via the AIX PS driver, is the DataStream sent in native data stream, or is it converted to PS or PCL before submitting to the printer?

Lexmark AIX drivers do NOT perform any conversion on the files sent to the printer. It will only add PJL tags to cater to the options set in the Colon files.

NOTE: If in any case where document conversion happens, that could have been done by the operating system (OS) itself and not by our drivers. If the user wants the native/raw data sent to the printer, he can send it directly to the printer through ftp.

c. Preferred driver types to be used for various Document Types.

Please refer to the following:

Preferred Data Streams Document Types

Image-Quick (IQ)

.pdf and .image

PostScript (PS)


Printer Command Language (PCL)


NOTE: The AIX drivers do not support .doc printing.

Reference EV Ticket # 278810


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