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900.00 Sending Fax with the X738 MFP

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778; 782 SIGSEGV


What you will see 

The MFP sending a fax...
Equipped with... Results in a 900.00 error with these details:


  •  @PANEL 900.00 Firmware Error 1750 ModemNotifyTask 0500-0000 lxkfax\/pssd/custom/faxsys.c-733: faxsys.c 590: faxread failed fd = 8 buffer = 200e5d\ b0 len = 1 errno = 5

  • @PANEL 900.00 Firmware Error Process e2fsck:782 caught SIGSEGV add\ r=23f33000 nip=f781c10 ra=f781b3c l=1


Products affected

  • Lexmark X73x Series MFPs with current .P675 code level
  • The recipient fax machine, which is also an MFP
  • Reformatting the fax storage does not alleviate the issue.


Suggested remedy

Enter the Configuration Menu and perform the Wipe Disk procedure (if a Hard Drive is installed). To do this:

  1. Boot the device into Configuration Menu (press and hold down keys 2 + 6).
  2. Then go to or select "Wipe Disk".

Note: This setting initiates either a single pass wipe or a multiple pass wipe of the entire hard disk. Select Disk Wipe (fast) to complete a single pass wipe and replacement of the file system. Select Disk Wipe (secure) to complete a multiple pass wipe at a more basic level. 


Explanation and precautions

This is a read/write failure on the HDD. If you experience this error and decide to perform this procedure, it is wise to perform a backup of all shortcuts and settings.  This is performed via the product's embedded Web server under Settings > Import/Export Settings.


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