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Lexmark X95x MFP – Intermittent 900.58 Error Code Is Displayed when Scanning or Copying After First Boot Up

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900.58 error code; Error appears when scanning on ADF; On flatbed; Unable to scan; Unable to copy; Issue appears when copying; Machine will not scan first page and then posts the 900.58 error; Unable to scan second page; Auto document feeder; ADF; Flatbed; Issue appears after power up; Booting up; Printer not working; Scanner not responding; Firmware update;



When attempting to scan/copy using the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) or Flatbed Scanner, the machine will post a 900.58 error code.



Additional Identifiers

This issue will only happen during the first boot up or power up. Usually the problem occurs in the morning because the printer was turned off overnight.

NOTE: If issue appears only when using the flatbed scanner to copy, and the scanner lamp only moves about two inches (five cm) when a scan is initiated and then posts the 900.58 error code, please visit Knowledgebase Article ID: TE428.




  1. Clear the error by powering off the MFP. Wait ten to 20 seconds before powering it back on. Run a test scan and see whether the error reappears.
  • If the error did not reappear after a couple of test scans, continue using the machine but observe its operation for a week. If no further sign of the error develops, it was probably a temporary glitch; restarting the machine cleared it.
  • If the error re-appears, update the printer’s firmware with the latest PE release code LHS30.TQ.P345 or higher.

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain this firmware.



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