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E-mail Function of Some Apps Fails when Sending via Port 465 or 587 with SSL/TLS Required

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Send Workflow issue over port 465; SMTP port 587; Advanced E-mail Settings v2.3.1; AccuRead OCR v1.0.18; Email Size Limiter version 4.0.2; ScantoNet; SNF; SSL; TLS; Problem with port requiring authentication; Email fails; Not working; Cannot send email; Problem sending emails; Unable to send email; Error when trying to email; Issue with email via some applications; Transmission problem; Email Server Configuration Error; Connection Failure -7; No email received destination address; embedded solutions framework; connection fails with error <-7>; ScanToEmail;


What you will see

The e-mail function of Advanced E-mail Settings, E-mail Size Limiter, or Scan to Network Premium app fails, and may cause the following scenarios:

Application Observed Behavior
Advanced E-mail Settings

The following error message displays on the control panel: “E-mail Server Configuration Error. Please Contact your System Administrator.

Or e-mail may not be sent successfully, and no error message is displayed on the control panel.

Important! This issue ONLY occurs when the AccuRead OCR app is installed, and OCR is turned ON in the Advanced E-mail Settings’ configure page.

E-mail Size Limiter

Print an error log “Connection Failure -7. No e-mail is received on the destination address.

Or e-mail may not be sent successfully, and no error message is displayed on the control panel.

Scan to Network Premium
E-mail is not sent successfully, and no error message is displayed on the control panel.

This happens when the “Primary SMTP Gateway Port” is set to 465 or 587, and “Use SSL/TLS” is set to Required under the printer’s embedded web server (EWS) > Settings > E-mail/FTP Settings > SMTP Setup.

NOTE: Click here to view steps on how to access the printer’s EWS.


Recommended solution

To address this issue, update your printer firmware to the corresponding firmware version:

Printer Model Firmware Fix
MX, CX, XM, and XC

EC4.05 (P439) or higher

X548, X74x, X792, X925, and X95x EC4 (P440) or higher

NOTE: The following printer models do not support E-mail connections with SSL/TLS ports 465/587.

  • X26x
  • X36x
  • X46x
  • X54x
  • X65x
  • X73x
  • X86x

An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.


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