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‘296 Scanner Locked' Error on a Lexmark X73x Multifunction Printer (MFP)

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296 Scanner Locked Error on Lexmark X73x Multifunction Printer (MFP); Error 296; 296; Scanner locked error; Unable to unlock scanner; Scanner error; Scanner not working; Functioning; Unable to open scanner; Copier not working; Unable to open copier; Copier not functioning; Scanner not responding; Copier not responding



The 296 error code implies that the scanner carrier module is locked in its home position. In this status, the machine can still accept print jobs from the computer but you will not be able to scan or copy using the flatbed or the Auto-Document Feeder (ADF).




Step Action


Confirm that the mechanical lock on the flatbed scanner is in the 'unlocked' position. See image below. 

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Follow the direction of the red arrow to unlock the scanner.

Note: This mechanical lock is designed to protect the scanner module whenever the printer is moved between locations. 


If the error remains or if the scanner still does not respond (even without the error), restart the printer to reinitialize it. 


Does the error clear? If yes, perform a scan/copy job to verify whether the scanner will respond.

  • If the scanner responds, the issue is resolved. The machine functions as designed.
  • If the error remains or the scanner fails to respond, contact Lexmark Technical Support and seek service for the printer. A loose cable is probably generating the 'Scanner Locked' error.



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