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Technical Service Bulletin – Recommended (LW50.xx.543) Firmware Update for MS, MX, CS, CX, M, XM, XC Series Printers (April 2015)

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Firmware update; WC EC5.0; Rip code; Base P543; Engine code required; Low power improvements


Firmware release for April 2015


  • Do not downgrade firmware unless absolutetly necessary.

Why? Due to significant changes in EC4.0 (LW40.xx.P4xx) and EC5.0 (LW50.xx.P5xx), any attempt to download to EC4.0 will result in a 900 Service error

If EC4.0 or EC4.05 is necessary, you will need to obtain EC4.1 (LW41.xx.P4xx) and downgrade this intermediate firmware level first.  

  • For DLE-equipped devices, typically the engine code is updated first, and then continue with updating the DLE's base code. 

*Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE) card; e.g., IPDS, Prescribe, ImageQuick, PrintCryption, or Forms and Barcode. 

  • Any base code-only ( .P328 or later ) firmware package can render the device inoperable. One possible negative consequence, for example, is a  980.11 Service error when the device enters sleep mode.

Use only the combo-firmware file that incorporates both base code and the latest engine code.

  • This firmware addresses an issue that could lead to a 950.01 NVRAM Mismatch Error if you upgrade any product equipped with EC0 firmware (initial start-of-production release) to EC4 (.P436) firmware.

Please discard all saved or archived versions of EC4 (.P436) and all PE revisions of same firmware. 



EC5 base code (LW50.xx.P543) and engine code levels

 Base / Engine  Models
.P543 / .E618
  • MS310, MS312, MS315, MS410, MS415, MS510dn, MS610dn, MS610de
  • M1145, M3150(de), M3150dn
.P543 / .E709
  • MS710 
  • MS711 
  • MS810 
  • MS811
  • MS812 
  • MS810de 
  • MS812de
  • M5155, M5163, M5163dn, M5170
.P543 / .E501
  • Lexmark CS310 (2-line)
  • Lexmark CS410 (2.4")
  • Lexmark CS510 (4.3")
  • CX310
  • CX410
  • CX510dhe
  • XC2130
  • XC2132
.P543 / .E618
  • MX310
  • MX410
  • MX510
  • MX511
  • MX610
  • MX611
  • XM1145, XM3150
.P543 / .E613
  • MX710 
  • MX711
  • MX810
  • MX811
  • MX812
  • XM5163, XM5170, XM7155(x), XM7163(x), XM7170(x) 
  • MX910, 911, 912 - XM9145, 9155, 9165 (engine code varies)
  • MX6500e Scanner
    (engine code varies)


Prefixes,  i.e., MX611de Suffixes, i.e., MX611de

M – Mono

C – Color

X – Multifunction

S – Single Function

d – duplex

n – network

e – eTask interface (4", 7", 10")

E – Engine

Bold – BSD Models


EC5.0 release notes

Printer Model Release Notes
  • MS310, 312, 315
  • MS410, 415
Click here
  • MS510
  • MS610
  • M3150dn
  • M1145
Click here
  • MS610de
  • M3150
Click here
  • MS710 
  • MS711 
  • MS810
  • MS811
  • MS812
  • M5155
  • M5163dn
Click here
Lexmark MS810de, M5163 Click here
Lexmark MS812de, M5170 Click here
Lexmark CS310 Click here
Lexmark CS410 Click here
Lexmark CS510 Click here
Lexmark MS910,911 Click here



 Printer Model  Release Notes
  • MX310dn
Click here
  • MX410, 510, MX510, MX511 and XM1145
Click here
  • MX610, MX611, XM3150
Click here
  • Lexmark MX710
  • Lexmark MX711
  • Lexmark MX810
  • Lexmark MX811
  • Lexmark MX812
  • XM5163, XM5170, XM7155, XM7163, XM7170
 Click here
  • CX310, 410, 510, CX2132
Click here

 MX910, 911, 912, XM9145, 9155, 9165

Click here
 MX6500e Scanner Option Click here



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