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Fine Lines in DBCS Fonts (Specifically Chinese Characters) Are Not Printed Clearly

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Double-Byte character set; Blurry print; Poor reproduction of fine lines in DBCS fonts; Print quality issue; Special fonts; Defect



Fine lines in Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) fonts, specifically Chinese characters, are not printed clearly using the default settings of a Lexmark MS71x, MS81x, MX71x, and MX81x.


Recommended solution

The following settings are recommended to improve the quality of result when printing DBCS fonts without affecting the toner cartridge yield.

  1. Select Settings.
    NOTE: Depending on the printer model, “Settings” can be represented by the word itself or either of these icons:  or .
  2. Go to Print Settings.
  3. Select Quality menu.
  4. Go to Pixel Boost.
  5. Select “Fonts” under Pixel Boost options and then press Submit.
  6. The screen will show “Submitting changes” and will go back to Quality Menu.
  7. This time, select Toner Darkness and adjust the setting to 7.
  8. Press Submit.

NOTE: Adjusting the Toner Darkness to 7 should compensate the effects of Pixel Boost in toner consumption. As a result, the toner consumption is maintained as having a regular setting. However, this will result in slightly lighter print. You may leave the Toner Darkness value set at 8 in order to maintain the darkness that you have grown accustomed to, but this will result in reduced toner yield.


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