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Universal Print Driver (UPD) release information found in this article:

  • A brief description of new functionality introduced in each release
  • Major issues addressed or significantly improved in each release
  • Known issues and workarounds applicable to each release


Supported Datastreams

  • Printer Command Language (PCL) – PCL 5 or PCL 6 also known as PCL XL

    NOTE: PCL® is a registered trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Company. PCL is Hewlett-Packard Company’s designation of a set of printer commands (language) and functions included in its printer products. This printer is intended to be compatible with the PCL language. This means the printer recognizes PCL commands used in various application programs, and that the printer emulates the functions corresponding to the commands.
  • PostScript (PS)

    NOTE: PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.




Universal Print Driver Version Identification

Version identification has changed for UPD v2.6.0.0 and later versions.   


Driver Version Identification Table

 Position (from above)

v2. 6. 0. 0 and later Versions prior to (v2.x.0 -2.x.5)

Major version: This number will scale up only upon a significant change to the driver architecture.

Example: 2.x.x.x

No change

Minor version: Secondary version level; this number will scale up upon new functional enhancements.

Example: 2.6.x.x

Datastream Number(x); examples include:
  • 2.1.5 – 1 - PCL 5
  • 2.2.5 – PostScript
  • 2.3.5 – PCL XL (PCL 6)

Note: No longer available in Version 2.6.


Minor version revision: Tertiary version level; this number will scale up upon any modification to the minor version.

Example: 2.6.0.x

Minor version; starting with, this value moved from the third to second position; i.e., 2.x.5 to 2.6.x.

Private version: This is distributed when necessitated by a special printing requirement.

Note: If the version value is 0, then the UPD is released to the general public.


No change


  • All driver release information and notifications found in this article pertain to both major and minor driver version datastream (PDL) type.
  • UPD v1 used a different numbering scheme, showing Major Revision, Minor Revision, and two fields reserved for Private Revision. Datastream did not appear as part of the driver version number. Using that naming scheme, three UPD v1 drivers had a version number of (one each for PCL 5, PostScript, and PCL XL).

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Driver Compatibility and Availability

Visit the UPD Technical White Paper  ( > Software > Universal Print Driver) for more driver information. You can also go to your product's support page ( > Select product > Click on Manuals) to view the white paper and you can download the latest UPD driver from this location. Driver Package Description Download
Full administrator's installation package includes all PDL* emulations and utilities (64 and 32-bit operating systems) 64 and 32-bit
Add Printer Wizard versions

PostScript UPD

64 and 32-bit
PCL XL UPD 64 and 32-bit
PCL 5e UPD 64 and 32-bit

Universal Fax Driver

Resides in your print queue as the Lexmark Universal Fax; this additional driver simplifies the task of sending faxes from applications, and it is especially useful if your only installed driver is a PCL driver.

Click here.

Click here should the same version that includes the phonebook be required. 

*Page description language

APW – Add Printer Wizard

NOTE: UPD v2 is not compatible with Windows 2000. 

Additional Installation Information

When a version of UPD v2 is installed, any earlier version of that identically-named driver is overwritten. For example, installing UPD (the current release of UPD for the PCL XL datastream) would overwrite the previously-installed driver (the initial UPD v2 release for PCL XL). Note that the driver name includes a reference to the supported datastream, so multiple UPD v2 drivers can be installed concurrently if they are different datastreams.

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v2.8.0.0 Release Notes (November 2014)

Fixes, improvements and new functionality

  • Improved the performance of the Printing Preferences and Printer Properties windows.
  • Removed support for enabling two-sided printing by default in the print driver during installation; for printers that support two-sided printing, the feature can be enabled manually. For a complete list of printers that support two-sided printing, see “Device compatibility” on page 12 on the UPD Technical White Paper.
  • Added print support for non-Lexmark devices that support compliant PostScript® and PCL® emulation page description languages (PDLs). Two new models are available in the model list in the print properties:
    a.  Basic Color Laser — Allows compatible non-Lexmark devices to use the Lexmark UPD for basic color printing.
    b.  Basic Mono Laser — Allows compatible non-Lexmark devices to use the Lexmark UPD for basic black and white printing.

    NOTE: Not all Lexmark and non-Lexmark devices features, functions, and capabilities are available with the use of Basic Color Laser and Basic Mono Laser models. Depending on the capabilities of the specific non-Lexmark device, only basic features are supported. These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

         – Some paper sizes and types
         – Some source selections
         – Two-sided printing
         – Paper layout options
  • Improved the image compression feature to reduce the spool file size.
  • Fixed printing issues, including the following:
    • Delayed print driver response when updating the printer configuration using the Update Now-Ask Printer option
    • Incorrect staple and hole punch location when printing using a PostScript 3 driver
    • Problems printing watermarks when using a Microsoft Word plug-in
    • Problems printing Microsoft Word documents containing embedded PCL5 macros using PCL XL emulation and PostScript drivers
    • Problems in Microsoft PowerPoint print preview when using a PostScript 3 driver
    • Problems when printing from a Windows 8.1 computer using PCL XL emulation and PostScript 3 drivers

Operating System Support Announcements

  • Added support for Novell 2 and Novell 11 operating systems. For a complete list of supported operating system refer to "Operating system support" on page 11 of the UPD Technical White Paper.
  • Added certification support for Citrix XenApp 7.5. For a complete list of supported Citrix implementations, see “Operating system support” on page 11 of the UPD Technical White Paper.
  • Continued certification support for Citrix XenApp 6.5 and Citrix XenApp 6.0. For a complete list of supported Citrix implementations, see “Operating system support” on page 11 of the UPD Technical White Paper.

NOTE: If you are not using status monitor applications, then you can upgrade to UPD If you are using status monitor applications, then use only UPD

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UPD Version History

v2.7.2.0 Release Notes (August 2014) 


UPD PCL XL emulation driver:

  • Fixed certain emulation issues when printing Microsoft Word documents that contain JPEG images. NOTE: Regardless of these fixes, print spool file size can be further improved by using image compression.
  • Fixed and improved the print output of thumbnails containing varying file formats within Microsoft Excel.

Operating System Support Announcements

Citrix XenApp 6.5 and XenApp 6.0

There is continued certification support for Citrix XenApp 6.5 and Citrix XenApp 6.0. For a complete list of supported Citrix implementations, reference page 9 of the latest revision of the UPD Technical White Paper.

Windows XP

This version removes official Microsoft Windows XP Operating System support. Hence, it will no longer be listed under supported operating systems. For a complete list of supported operating systems, please reference page 9 of the latest UPD Technical White Paper.

NOTE: As of April 8, 2014, Lexmark no longer provides patches or updates for Lexmark software available for Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit versions) operating systems. UPD is the last release that supports Windows XP operating systems. Lexmark follows Microsoft Products Support Lifecycle Policy in providing software support for Windows operating systems. For more information on Microsoft Products Support Lifecycle Policy, go to

Upgrade considerations

If... Then... Details...

You rely on status monitor applications...


  • Status Monitor Center
  • Status Messenger 

Note: This does not apply to Status Center that installed with MSMX 91x series printers and MFPs. 

Contact Lexmark Technical support for alternative driver solutions.

UPD 2.6.1 and above removed these non-essential driver .dll files to improve performance. 

You utilize LPMA (Local Print Monitor Agent) in an MPS or LFM environment to capture local USB-connected device information... 

  • MPS (Managed Print Services)
  • LFM (Lexmark Fleet Manager)

Click to enlarge


It will be essential to reinstall the latest LPMA version.

For example, LPMA version .117 is known to work with UPD

Your MPS or LFM solution provider provides this *.msi package. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.
You decide to upgrade to from a previous UPD version... You will need to restart the spooler to completely disassociate this language monitor from the new driver. This is applicable if updating major UPD versions, or should you not uninstall the previous version of the driver.

NOTE: If you are using a private print driver, then check the updates before installing this version to avoid losing specific fixes for your private print driver.

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 v2.7.1.0 Release Notes (April 2014)

This driver has removed a language monitor component that made these functions possible:

  • Coordination of status requests which ensured requests did not interfere with the printer.
  • True End‑of‑Job support.

Upgrade considerations 

If... Then...
You are not using status monitor applications... You can upgrade to UPD

You are using status monitor applications...

For example, Status Messenger, Local Printer Management Agent (LPMA) or any LPMA dependent application. 

Continue to use UPD, or contact Lexmark Technical Support if you are having any performance issues with this version of the driver. 
You decide to upgrade to from a previous UPD version... You will need to restart the spooler to completely disassociate this language monitor from the new driver.

Fixes, improvements and new functionality

  • Added support for Microsoft Device Stage when installing Lexmark Universal Print Driver on a TCP/IP port
  • PCL5 and XL UPDs now have enhanced image resolutions (1200 IQ, 2400 IQ, 4800 CQ) to match both application support and printer capability.
  • PCL XL UPD now has an option for image compression that reduces image data size to improve printing performance.
  • Addressed an issue for an error situation on printing in a point and print environment
  • Improved Novell client installation by using bi-directional communication when installing UPD on a client using a Novell IPP port
  • Continued support for Citrix Ready XenApp 6.5 and 6.0 certifications
  • Added Trifold support under the Fold menu; this provides the ability to fold paper into thirds automatically.
  • Added ability to enable duplex (two-sided) printing during print driver installation if a printer supports duplex; for a complete list of printers for which driver will default to two sided printing, please refer to version 7c of the UPD Technical White Paper.

New product support:

  • Lexmark MS312dn
  • Lexmark MS315dn
  • Lexmark MS415dn
  • Lexmark MS911de
  • Lexmark MX910de
  • Lexmark MX911dte
  • Lexmark MX912dxe
  • Lexmark XM9145
  • Lexmark XM9155
  • Lexmark XM9165

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v2.6.1.0 Release Notes (February 2014)

Fixes and improvements

  • Addressed various issues by removing the language monitor component. This is the only change that was made, no other code changes have been included in this release. It is the same as but the language monitor has been removed."
  • A language monitor is an optional print driver component that provides extra functionality. In Lexmark Universal Print Driver, the language monitor provides the following functions:
    • It coordinates status requests to the printer to ensure that these requests do not interfere with the printer.
    • It provides True End‑of‑Job support.

These functions are required for status monitor applications, such as the Lexmark Status Messenger and the Lexmark Printer Management Agent.

NOTE: If you are not using status monitor applications, then you can upgrade to UPD If you are using status monitor applications, then use only UPD

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v2.6.0.0 Release Notes (August 2013)

Fixes and improvements

  • Bi-directional communication optimizations to improve connection performance in Point and Print, Terminal Services and Citrix environments
  • For languages that read from right-to-left, the readability of driver Message Boxes and Tool Tips has been improved.
  • Improved Multipage Printing (N-up) capabilities for documents which contain mixed paper sizes or mixed media types
    • For example, if N-up is selected and a mixed media size or mixed media type is specified in the driver, then the document will get printed using the media size and media type of the first page of the document.
  • Fix for end-users that elect to not use the Lexmark Print Processor; the driver features that depend on it will be disabled.
  • Various issues addressed with custom staple setting with Office 2010
  • Various issues addressed with printable area when using A4 paper

New product support:

  • MS310 Series
  • MS410 Series
  • XC2132 Series
  • MX6500e scanner-equipped printers

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v2.x.5 (October 2012) 

New Functionality 

Added Arabic language support, which includes right-to-left reading order support for booklet and N-Up.  

Fixes and Improvements

  • New user interface for Printer Driver Configuration Utility
  • Watermarks are automatically repositioned during rotation to ensure they appear on the page. Previously, rotation often caused watermarks to be clipped off. NOTE: A watermark that is too long to fit within the printable area will still be clipped.
  • Addressed several problems with mixed paper sizes or mixed orientation for N-Up and booklet printing
  • Release 2.x.4 addressed an issue where a significant amount of data could be cached in the registry by moving that data from the registry to the %allusersprofile% directory. Release 2.x.5 contains two improvements to this functionality:
    • UPD 2.x.5 caches that data in the %allusersprofile%\Application Data directory. This supports restricted domain users on Windows XP, who may not have permission to write to the %allusersprofile% directory by default.
    • If the user lacks write permission to the %allusersprofile%\Application Data directory, the driver will attempt to cache that information in the %AppData% directory. This is a user-specific directory.
  • Improved install performance on Point and Print clients; previously, the client’s driver would query the printer for installed options even though the print server supplies a list of the options currently installed. That query has been removed and the client now relies on the information supplied by the print server.
  • Addressed a PostScript UPD issue where scaling set by the application could be ignored by the driver
  • Added support for additional finishing options and job accounting settings to the generic Universal Color Laser and Lexmark Mono Laser models.

Device Compatibility

Added driver support for the following new devices:

  • Lexmark CS310 Series
  • Lexmark CS410 Series
  • Lexmark CS510 Series
  • Lexmark CX310 Series
  • Lexmark CX410 Series
  • Lexmark CX510 Series
  • Lexmark MS310 Series
  • Lexmark MS410 Series
  • Lexmark MS510 Series
  • Lexmark MS610 Series
  • Lexmark MS710 Series
  • Lexmark MS810 Series
  • Lexmark MX310 Series
  • Lexmark MX410 Series
  • Lexmark MX510 Series
  • Lexmark MX610 Series
  • Lexmark MX710 Series
  • Lexmark MX810 Series

 Known Issues and Workarounds

In environments where users do not have permission to write to either the %allusersprofile%\Application Data directory or the %AppData% directory, the UPD 2.x.5 drivers can show a slight delay when opening the Printing Preferences or when the queue is selected in the Print dialog of an application.

To work around this delay, you should copy the %allusersprofile%\Application Data\<driver name> directory from a print server to the corresponding location on the restricted client workstation.
Windows logon scripts can be used to automate this process for ease of maintenance.

Point and Print Environment

Client PC issues:

  • Possible delay opening Printer Properties.
  • Possible delay opening Printer Preferences.

The client PC, unable to properly communicate with the printer to identify its printer model information, incorrectly identifies the printer as a Universal Color model.

Because the server is reporting the original model,  whenever Printer Properties or Printer Preferences is opened, the driver attempts to build the GDL data to define a Universal Color driver, and it is this rebuilding of GDL data that causes a delayed response.

Please contact the Technical Support Center for a fix to this issue and please reference this article so that technical support representatives can report on the frequency of this issue.

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v2.x.4 (April 2012)

New Functionality

  • Added automatic duplexer support for the Lexmark C540dw.
  • Support for Citrix XenApp 6.5. 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Addressed an issue where a significant amount of data could be stored in the Windows Registry; see KnowledgeBase article TE440 for more details.
  • Addressed issue with Printing Preferences being slow to open on clients in a Point-and-Print environment.
  • Addressed issue where Microsoft Office mail merge feature was disabling Print and Hold functionality
  • Addressed additional instances during driver installation and queue creation when a Windows Session 0 activity might trigger the Interactive Services Detection
  • Running multiple self-extracting install packages is now supported properly.
  • The asterisk (*) character is now supported in a fax dialing prefix.
  • Addressed behavior with USB-attached printers which caused the following issues - when trying to undock a laptop the request was denied; when the printer is disconnected CPU usage goes up; problems communicating after the PC resumes from Sleep mode
    PCL XL only: Improved print quality when drawing certain types of complex curves, which were drawn too light in UPD v2 previously.
  • Addressed issue where custom Lexmark tabs on Printing Properties were sometimes unavailable after installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 cluster until a failover occurred.
  • Addressed an issue in which the printer’s IP address changed and the driver did not always update properly, resulting in a loss of communication.

Device Compatibility

  • Added support for Lexmark C740 Series
  • Added support for Lexmark X740 Series 

Known Issues and Workarounds

Possible observation... Observed when... To remedy...

Slight delay when:

  • Opening Printing Preferences, 
  • Or, when print queue is selected in the Print dialog of an application.
In environments where users do not have permission to write to the %allusersprofile% directory. Copy the %allusersprofile%\<driver name> directory from a print server to the corresponding location on the restricted client workstation. Windows logon scripts can be used to automate this process for ease of maintenance.
Documents may print in color even though the “Print in black and white” option is set in Printing Preferences.

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v2.x.3 12/2011

New Functionality

  • Added support for new color inkjet printers
  • Added support for paper sizes and borderless paper sizes allowed by the added printer models

 Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved handling for Job Cancellation. Previous to this, the following issues could occur - cancelled print jobs may not clear the queue; print jobs may reports a status of ‘deleting’ indefinitely; print jobs may print again when the printer server or spooler service is restarted.
  • Addressed issues with garbage characters printed over USB
  • Improved reliability when creating a print queue using a profile from the Configuration Utility

 Device Compatibility

Added support for the following color inkjet printers:

  • Pro710 Series
  • Pro910 Series
  • Pro4000 Series
  • Pro5500 Series
  • ProS310 Series
  • ProS410 Series
  • ProS510 Series

Known Issues and Workarounds

UPD 2.x.3 and earlier can store a large volume of data in the Windows Registry under certain circumstances. See KnowledgeBase article TE440 for more details.

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v2.x.2 Release Notes

Version 2.x.2 of the UPD was an interim release and is not generally available. Customers using 2.x.2 are encouraged to upgrade to a newer release.

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v2.x.1 Release Notes 09/2011

New functionality

  • Look and feel of driver and driver components.
  • Printing Preferences and Printer Properties dynamically adapts to display driver settings (characteristics) that correspond to the options and peripherals detected (or selected) by the print driver.
  • New administrative controls:
    • New configuration utility—
      • Gives administrators the ability to control Printing Preferences settings.
      • Configures settings before or after driver installation.
  • New Installer feature creates a self-extracting install package. 
  • New design allows driver to work side by side with previously installed UPD versions. Why? This gives the administrators or end users the ability of having UPD version 2 coexist with previous versions.

Note: To upgrade to UPD version 2, all previous versions should be uninstalled before installing the new version.

  • New level of Microsoft printing architecture redistributable files, version 7600.20630
  • Job accounting feature with X792, X925 and all other new devices
  • Plug and Play support for current and future devices
  • Client-side rendering is used by default where possible for Point and Print.
  • Generate PostScript in driver” replaces “Disable PostScript passthrough”.
  • Reverse page order” replaces “Print last page first”.
  • New “Use full printable area” enables printing as close to the edge as the printer allows. This is located under the Paper/Finishing tab.
  • Metafile spooling control is added to the PostScript driver.
  • Automatic mode chooses RAW format whenever possible for improved performance.
  • Universal size has been standardized to be 8.5"x14.17" across all datastreams.

Fixes and improvements

Language emulation specific symptoms fixed by UPD v2.x.1  


  • Windows XP 32-bit  – Manual Duplex not working when duplex job initiated from the application.
  • Watermark is printing under the document when intensity level is < 100.
  • Setting change for TrueType fonts to print as outlines (previously bitmaps) 

PCL 5(e)

  • GL/2 – Incorrect output for printer at both 1200 dpi and 600 dpi resolutions
  • No difference in opacity (transparency) level of watermarks when printing N-up (sides per page) 

PCL (non-emulation specific)

  • Booklet with "Maintain Letter/A4" is asking for "Letter/A4" for Corel presentation docs.
  • Landscape page printing upside down when booklet with cover option is selected.
  • Landscape page is printing upside down for Booklet of *.wpd files. 
  • The application watermark of document "Smart Art Test Document Original" is not printing.
  • Discrepancy for Envelope paper size strings in General tab


  • Wrong operator panel prompt for any Envelope job from Envelope feeder in multiple input options
  • Incorrect Watermark positions regardless of portrait and landscape orientation
  • Incorrect Watermark position for Booklet printing regardless of portrait or landscape orientation
  • Point and Print: Default settings of fonts are wrong in Windows Vista client machines and Windows Server (2003)
  • Discrepancy for Envelope paper size strings in General tab 

Additional Items

  • When printing booklets with Corel Word Perfect, the printer asks for A4/letter regardless of application setting.
  • Clipping issue observed for booklet printing
  • Black patches overlap in the booklet for "Letter" with "Maintain original page size on booklet
  • Printer prompts to "Load Letter" instead of custom paper size.
  • Job Accounting commands missing for when maximum character limit is input.
  • Document (*.doc) is not printing if job given as 4-up, 6-up, 9-up, 16-up for N-up values. 
  • Print job flushed with this combination of settings: Custom paper; Fit to paper size; Restricted user
  • Pattern missing from *.pmd document
  • Page order is not correct for duplex job with print last page first.
  • Background is not printing properly in *.cdr.
  • Profile created with a name like c:\fgh does not work and cannot be deleted. 
  • Changing Custom Names via EWS (webpage) does not reflect on Paper Type drop-down via Ask printer.
  • Paper size: Envelope C5/A6 changes to Letter while 'Fit to paper: Letter' and Duplex is selected.
  • Newly created Watermarks are not propagating to clients in a Point and Print server-client environment.
  • Change "Lettre" to "Letter" in French PPD to make Letter appear as default on French/Canada OS.
  • Paper available under General tab only shows one supported paper.
  • Server created "Saved settings" are not transferred to the client machines.
  • Under Printing Preferences > Paper tab not retaining Paper size: Envelope (NLS: Romania)
  • Special character not retaining in non-print time cover page > name field (Print time OK).
  • Officio paper size is not retained on the driver (NLS:Romania).
  • Watermark is not working properly for a document mixture of portrait+landscape.

Known issues and workarounds... 

Issue... Try to...
Installer Continue button remains disabled if USB cable connected prior to running install... Exit the installer, disconnect the cable, and then restart the installer process.
Fax cover page may not be sent... Enable “Generate PostScript in driver” on the Other Options tab. Click here for additional  information.
Application produces fine lines not visible in output... Try to increase resolution, enable Enhance fine lines, and enable Pixel Boost. Results will vary by printer model.  These settings are located on the Quality tab of Printing Preferences. Click here for additional information.
Universal paper size is not retained in resizing option or paper size selection box... Change the dimension of the Universal form to 8.5 x 14.17 in the Window's Print Server Properties Forms tab. 
Fold option is not updated accordingly after adding/removing the booklet finisher... Manually add installable options. This is especially prevalent with a WSD port.
Size setting not retained or incorrect op-panel prompt for custom paper sizes created from a user account... Set the custom size as the default within Printing Preferences. This may happen in Microsoft Word.
MS Office 10: Application can't override paper sizes (Letter and A4)... Uncheck "Scale content for A4 or 8.5" x 11" paper sizes within the application. See "Word Options" under Advanced > Print.
PCL 5 emul: An extra line is printed with Booklet & Watermark on A4 paper size... Uncheck "Scale content for A4 or 8.5" x 11" paper sizes within the application. See "Word Options" under Advanced > Print.
Canceling from the Fax dialog sends a fax job to spooler and cancelled job remains in the print queue... Wait; the job is 0 bytes, and it will leave the print queue when the spooler times out.

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Version 2.x.0 of the UPD was a Beta release and is not generally available. Customers using 2.x.0 are encouraged to upgrade to a newer release.

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v1.6.2 12/2010

Fixes and improvements

  • Change to detect terminal services ports and eliminate session-zero pop-ups in terminal services / Citrix environments
  • Crash observed in LMUD05C64Z!CreateFontList while creating print queues
  • LMUD054A.DLL memory leak and double prints with app verifier
  • SetPSOptionsforFormtoTray() memory leak
  • HKEY leak reported in hrOEMDevicePropertySheets() function
  • PCL XL driver crashing Explorer on clicking Factory Defaults a number of times
  • Watermark printed on all pages of document though first page only selected from driver
  • Outlook crash when printing after updating the UPD PS driver to and
  • Explorer crash when updating from UPD 1.6 to UPD 1.6.1 PS driver
  • MS Word frame object prints bold instead of regular weight


Additional Information

Click here
for more information regarding UPD v2.0 driver settings.

Click here for more information regarding UPD v1.6.2 driver settings.


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