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How to Configure TCP/IP Settings via the MS, MX, XM, CS, CX, XC, XM Series Printer Operator Panel

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Cannot change the IP address


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TCP/IP Configuration via the Operator Panel

2.4" (6.1cm) Models Without A Touchscreen

NOTE:  Make sure the printer is powered on and that the Ready message is showing.  

Step Action
  1 Press the Menu button.
  2 Press next to Network/Ports.
  3 Press next to Std Network.
  4 Press  next to Network Setup.
  5 Press next to TCP/IP.
  6 Press next to the IP Address.

Using the number pad or arrows on the device, configure your static IP address.


Press  to count down from 255. 
Press  to count up from 0.


  8 Press to jump to the next octet.

Pressto save the address. 
An asterisk (*) at the end of the IP address confirms that the settings are saved.


4.3", 7", and 10" (10.9, 17.8, 25.4cm) Touchscreen Models

NOTE:  Repeat this procedure for IP Address, Netmask, and Gateway configuration.

Step Action Illustration
  1 Press the Menu button.  
  2 Press next to Network/Ports  
  3 Press next to Standard Network.   

Press next to STD NET SETUP.

NOTE: You may see Network 1 SETUP if using the Wireless Network Card option.

  5 Press next to TCP/IP.  
  6 Press next to IP Address.  
Enter IP address values using the numeric keypad and then press Submit.


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