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How to Add Scan Exception on Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

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Unable to Scan using LPH; Cannot scan; Lexmark Printer Home scan fails; KAV 2011; Kaspersky Antivirus 2011; Firewall;



You are unable to scan using Lexmark Printer Home (LPH) scan options. Upon scanning, it locks up at the connecting to scanner message and won't complete a scan. Disabling the firewall works.



Here is a way to add the scan file exception using a Pro715 as an example on Kaspersky Antivirus 2011:
Step Action Click Image to Enlarge
1 Open Kaspersky and click on Settings.
2 Under the Settings menu, click on the yellow folder (fourth option).
3 Under Threats and Exclusions, click on the Exclusions Settings.
4 Click on the Trusted applications tab.
5 Click on Add, then Browse...

Look for LMADIlscn (Pro715 only) found under two locations, depending on the computer's system type: whether it's a 32-bit or a 64-bit system.

  • C:\Program Files\Lexmark Pro710 Series (32-bit)
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark Pro710 Series (64-bit)

For other models, please click the following model numbers, S315, S415, S515, Pro915, Pro4000, and Pro5500.

7 Select and check all the four options and press OK.

Make sure that LMADIscn.exe is checked before pressing OK.

Note: Restart the computer for the changes to be applied.



For S315:


C:\Program Files\Lexmark S310 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark S310 Series (64-bit)

For S415:

Filename: LMADGlscn

C:\Program Files\Lexmark S410 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark S410 Series (64-bit)

For S515:

Filename: LMADHlscn

C:\Program Files\Lexmark S510 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark S510 Series (64-bit)

For Pro915:

Filename: LMADJlscn

C:\Program Files\Lexmark Pro910 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark Pro910 Series (64-bit)

For Pro4000:

Filename: LMADKlscn

C:\Program Files\Lexmark Pro4000 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark Pro4000 Series (64-bit)

For Pro5500:

Filename: LMADLlscn

C:\Program Files\Lexmark Pro5500 Series (32-bit)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lexmark Pro5500 Series (64-bit)


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If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task on these devices.


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