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Firmware Release Notes History for the Lexmark X792 MFP

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Firmware fixes



This article contains previous firmware revisions and release notes information for the Lexmark X792 model.

IMPORTANT! A cumulative firmware update is available, click here to view the latest firmware release notes and download information.



EC2.11 (March 2012)

EC2 (October 2011)

EC1.3 (July 2011)

EC1.2 (April 2011)

EC1.1 (March 2011)


NOTE: All release notes should be evaluated to determine whether a firmware update is required.


Release Notes History

EC 2.11 Release Notes (March '12)

Comprises (Base) LHS1.MR.P244b and (Engine) LHS1.HC.E141

  • Reduced false 956.02 error.
  • Improved messaging for cold fuser 121.36 errors.
  • Addressed security issues when using e-mail.


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EC 2 Release Notes (October '11)

What's New

  • Added support for SCM Microsystems SCL011 contactless desktop reader
  • Added support for SPNEGO support (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism)
  • Added support for Apple's AirPrint

 NOTE: AirPrint and the AirPrint Logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Enhancements and Fixes

Primary Field Concerns


Fax and Scan-related

  • Fixed installation procedure
  • Cropping and alignment issue
  • Improvements with Scan to Network Premium
  • Several performance improvements
  • PCL/PS emulation issues
    • Incorrect or garbage print
    • PS performance issue
  • UCF settings corruption
  • MS Sharepoint compatibility
  • MPS reporting improvements
  • Fax corruption issue
  • Copy duplex setting issue
  • Solution Software overrides standard functions
  • Fix: Fax indicator light status
  • Fix: Fax settings reporting
  • Fix: JBIG decompression issue
  • Fix: Issue in Host Send
  • Improved De-Skew function

Service Errors Addressed


Solutions (Embedded Solutions Framework)

  • 842.02
  • 900.00 errors related to the following functions:
    • PKCS11 (Public Key Cryptography Standards #11)
    • Job Accounting log
    • Random 900 errors
    • Scanner**
    • PCL/XL Incorrect media selection
  • 900.31
  • 900.40
  • 900.43
  • 900.57
  • 900.58
  • 900.68
  • 900.80
  • 976
  • Address issue with audio
  • Fix: Issue with VLML
  • Fix: Numerous security issues (PINs, expired user sessions, delete auth modules correctly)
  • Updated Eco-Setting Application for Single Function Printers
  • Improved CAC support
  • Improved User Interface (Control Panel) workflow settings
  • Solutions Function Access Controls (FACs) for workflows now appear in EWS
  • Improved user interface button labels
  • Changed Business Card scaling

Security and User Interface


Managed Print Service (MPS) and Network

  • Fix: Memory leak issue
  • Fix: PKCS11 (Public Key Cryptography Standards #11)
  • Log hostname / ip address for all processes
  • Upgrade openSSL
  • Now use SHA-256
  • Fix: Cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Fix: Numerous security configuration issues
  • Fix: Translation issues
  • Fix: Button behavior in several workflows
  • Fix: Numerous issues with TIPS


  • Fix: Issue withy Job Accounting and Quota App
  • Improved MPS SNMP data reporting
  • Improved Bonjour support
  • Fix: Numerous issues that cause printer hangs
  • Updated Embedded Web Server (EWS) images
  • Expanded and improved information returned via Web Services
  • Added port 456 for SMTP support

Printer PDL Emulations and Other Miscellaneous


  • Fix: Numerous undefined error conditions
  • FIx: PDF printing issues via USB drive
  • Fix: XPS printing issues via USB drive
  • Fix: Print Permissions
  • Fix: Offset stacking issue with finisher option


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EC1.3 Release notes (July '11)

Comprises (Base) updated.P135r and (Engine) LHSX.HC.E138

Performance issues:

  • Addressed a non-specified scanner issue that could (over time) lead to a non-functioning scanner.
  • Fixed 911.48 errors. NOTE: Both base and engine firmware levels must be updated to resolve this issue. 


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EC1.2 Release Notes (April '11)

Comprises (Base) LHS1.MR.P135L and (Engine) LHS1.HC.E133

Functional enhancements:

  • Pressing the HOME button from the Home screen now clears workflow settings from the current user session.

Performance issues:

  • Fixed an issue with wireless IPv6.
  • Improved LDAP authentication.
  • Improved reliability of the firmware update process. 


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EC1.1 Release Notes (March '11)

Comprises (Base) LHS1.MR.P135k and (Engine) LHS1.HC.E132

Functional enhancements:

  • Architecture improvements for Lexmark's available software solutions
  • The Scan to Network Folder (basic) is now included on the device. 

Addressed performance issues:

  • Fax forward failure to profiles
  • Fax receive failure with JBIG-compressed faxes
  • Blank fax station names
  • Memory leaks
  • eSF application licensing
  • 39 Complex Page errors
  • Card reader operation with PKI authentication
  • DDNS unable to consume too many processor cycles
  • "61 Defective Disk" message erroneously appears.
eSF – embedded "Solutions" Framework

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EC1 Release Notes

  • LHS1.MR.P135b (Base code)
  • UICC: PD.UICC.V5.53
  • SCANNER: 0003.0034
.E129a (Engine code) Release Notes .E129 Release Notes (Continued)

Functional Enhancements


  • Added an HD Encryption option to the Initial Setup Wizard
  • Added support for smart cards / PCKS11
  • Added item to "clean" device NVRAM for device disposal to the Configuration Menu
  • Enabled HD Automatic Wiping by default (Users upgrading to EC1 will have to set this manually.)

and Notifications

  • Beacons are enabled for all screens, not just Status / Supplies.
  • Added support for the latest Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) wireless ISP option card


  • Added support for widgets and workflows
  • Widgets and Workflows can be protected by per-widget/workflow Function Access Controls (FAC).
  • Solution software (eSF) applications can now be protected by application-specific FACs.
  • Added support for the User Quota™ application


  • Added display support and keyboard entry for DBCS languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • Sleep mode is now available during some device intervention situations
  • User interface performance improvement
  • Added the fax cover page option
  • Volume can now be adjusted by pressing the backspace key from the Home screen
  • New – Implemented Numpad Assist mode

Other Improvements or Fixes

  • Translations
  • Device hangs
  • Job Accounting
  • USB Direct access
  • USB device support
  • Support for internal ISP cards
  • Improved jam error display locations and help
  • Removed Hole Punching for Legal paper
  • Improved auto-document feeder (ADF) De-skew function
  • Improved MyMFP
  • Improved support for internal ISP cards
  • Improved jam error display locations and help
  • Improved Address Book searching

Some USB card readers are not consistently properly recognized on boot.

Error detection enhancements or fixes


  • "39 complex page" error
  • 31.xx - "Missing or defective <color> cartridge" error message after waking up from sleep mode
  • 110.25 and 110.26 Service Printhead errors
  • 121.03 and 121.13 Service Fuser errors – If fuser is removed when the side door was closed.

"Paper jam" errors:

  • Updated paper jam codes: 200.40 --> 241.40; 200.49 --> 241.49
  • 24x.38 - Possible paper jam when the 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder side cover is shut while the elevator is moving up
  • 24x.48 - Possible paper jam after the inserting tray into the 2000-Sheet High Capacity Feeder
  • 456.36 - Paper jam with a Staple Finisher. (Non-recoverable)
  • 432.40 - Increased time out to avoid error on the Five Bin Mailbox output option
  • 900.00 Error during low memory conditions

"Service Engine Software" errors:

  • 913.11
  • 913.44
  • 914.37
  • 915.08
  • 915.30
  • 915.32
  • 915.92
  • 938.06, 938.07, and 938.08 errors
  • 938.28 Service System Electronic errors instead of expected 125.13 error with the "Transfer Module" belt
  • 990.01 Service HTU error when attempting to enter Sleep mode during a Color Adjust calibration


  • Fix – Potential remote memory corruption while entering Hibernate mode
  • Fix – Hang that could occur after canceling a print job or stopping the printer
  • Sleep mode related improvements:
    • Fix – Printer not able to enter Sleep mode
    • Fix – "Busy" reporting after exiting Sleep mode
    • Fix – Blank (black) op panel screen if the engine declared a service error while in Sleep mode
    • Fix – Engine detects the wrong Tray/Drawer media levels if the media level was changed while in Sleep mode
    • Directional Lights on paper feed options to not operate correctly after exiting Sleep mode
    • Improved Sleep mode entry response time
  • Fix – Not able to access fuser memory device
  • Fix – Busy hang that should have been a paper jam
  • Fix – Unsafe time for remote memory communication
  • Support EC1 option Drawer / Feeder hardware updates
  • Added new detection capabilities (algorithm) to a paper path sensor for increased media-length measurement accuracy.
  • Update for Tray 1 hardware updates
  • Added new detection capabilities to output bin full sensor to detect paper jams

Print quality and performance

  • Fix – Updates to prevent a ghost print artifact..
  • Fix – "Color Adjust" calibration wasn't being injected before a print job when printer was busy printing.

Fix - Margin improvements

  • Potential margin issue avoided after the Transfer Module belt was replaced
  • Top margin in 1200 dpi Print Resolution mode consistent with 4800 CQ Print Resolution mode
  • Fix – Potential print defect (back side contamination)

Print quality improvements

  • Improved color alignment
  • Enhanced "Color Adjust" settings
  • Improve dry environment printing
  • Correction to avoid print defect that could occur after a cartridge is replaced
  • Improved print quality consistency with relation to temperature and humidity


  • Reduced Time To First Copy (TTFC) by starting printing process before scanning is complete under certain circumstances
  • Time To First Page (TTFP) more consistent
  • Reduced Time To First Page (TTFP) from Sleep mode with attached input and/or output feed options
  • Improved media feeding reliability
  • Improved banner feeding reliability with media longer than 14 inches or 35.6cm
  • Improved Tray 1 and Multi-purpose feeder (MPF) feeding reliability

Speed improvements

  • Throughput when printing custom / universal length media
  • Throughput with vinyl labels (normal weight)
  • Throughput when delays between print pages were sufficient to pause the printing process, but less than 15 seconds apart

General improvements

Toner related fixes

  • Improved accuracy of toner coverage reporting for low coverage (< 20%) print jobs. Note: This update is only available in LHS1.HC.E129a [EC1.1] (or later) releases
  • Incorrect cartridge toner level reporting
  • Not able to detect toner cartridge change

Directional light fixes
or improvements

  • Flashing Directional Lights on the base printer would get out of sync with paper feed options
  • Directional lights not activating for obstruction jams (jams caused by media being left in the paper path after a previous jam or service error)
  • Directional lights on paper feed options to not operate correctly after exiting Sleep mode
  • Directional lights behave incorrectly when replacing a Transfer Module belt
  • Improved directional light behavior for input paper feed options to provide constant lighting when removing paper jam
  • Improved directional light behavior for the Horizontal Transport Unit (HTU) cover; this light was turning off after the attached paper feed output option was undocked
  • Directional Lights to activate in the wrong paper feed option
  • X792 – Disabled the output bin cave Directional Light  when a paper feed output option is attached
  • Improved Directional Light feedback for clearing media after an MPF paper jam
  • Improved Directional Light feedback for clearing media after paper jams that require the user to open the fuser latch

Diagnostics fixes or improvements

  • Fix – Diagnostics test for paper feed output options
  • Fix – Corrected a problem declaring proper service error if an unsupported controller card is detected.
  • Fix – Corrected electrical problem in transfer module belt causing 938.28 Service System Electronics error instead of the desired 125.13 error.
  • Fix – printer to report a 31.02 error instead of the desired 40.70 error
  • Fix – 125.08 error if the Transfer Module belt is missing when the machine is powered up instead of the desired "83.xx Transfer belt missing"
  • New decreased delay before declaring an error in the rare circumstance of a shorted cartridge communication bus.
  • Improved fuser error detection algorithm to provide a more specific error code.
  • Updated paper jam codes: 200.40 --> 241.40; 200.49 --> 241.49


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