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How to Change the Card Speed on a MarkNet X2011e

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Cannot ping or communicate; Losing network connectivity


How to change the card speed; How to change the MAC speed on an external print server; All Lexmark print servers 'auto negotiate' the speed of the network - that is, they determine network speed and automatically set the speed of the internal network card. Forcing the card speed may help in situations where you have a proper IP scheme but still cannot communicate with ("ping") the device.


To change the card speed manually:

  1. Hold down the Menu button until all the lights become solid.

  2. When the light next to the Menu button is solid, tap the Menu button once.

  3. In the chart below, locate the light sequence which fits the desired MAC speed.

  4. Select the desired speed by pressing the Menu button once when that light sequence appears.
    10 Mbps
    Half Duplex
    10 Mbps
    Full Duplex
    100 Mbps
    Half Duplex
    100 Mbps
    Full Duplex


  5. After making your choice, recycle the power on the adapter for the changes to take effect.

NOTE:  The image below provides a sample of the sequence of events you will encounter when applying this change.

If you encounter an issue with changing the card speed, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.

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