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How to Use MarkVision Professional 10.1 to Update Modem Code

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04/25/14 Properties  


How to use MarkVision Professional 10.1 to update modem code; MarkVision Professional 10.1; OptraImage X6100; MVP


NOTE: Technical support for MVP is no longer available. If you would like to receive ongoing technical support and product updates, please update to MarkVision Enterprise (MVE). If offers many of the same features found in Markvision Professional and some additional new features.  


MarkVision Professional 10.1 has a new feature called Generic File Download.  Using this feature, you can send modem code updates to one or multiple MFP products.  Do the following:

  1. Download and unzip the most current modem code from the following FTP site:

  2. Open MarkVision Professional 10.1 and log in. 

  3. Go to All Tasks and select Generic File Download, as shown.


  4. Select Load and browse to the folder into which you unzipped the modem code you downloaded in step 1.


  5. Click on the > button to add this file to the MarkVision Professional file list.  

  6. Edit the following information in the File Details fields: 
    Change the Target Location to User Specified.
    Set the Remote Directory to /dev/flash/modem/multitech.


  7. Click on Next >.  This will bring you to the Device Selection screen (see below).  


  8. Choose the MFP devices you want to update and then click Finish. You can follow the file download process on the progress bar (shown below). Note: The update process may take a few minutes for each device.


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